chapter 15 test

Glass-Steagall Banking Act
this established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the banking system

Federal Emergency Relief Administration
this provided direct relief in the form of food and clothing to the neediest people hit by the depression- the unemployed, the aged, and the ill

Tennessee Valley Authority
this helped to create prosperity in a poverty-stricken region by providing funds to build and repair dams, flood control projects, and power plants

Agricultural Adjustment Act
this paid farmers to lower production and, in some cases, to destroy crops, with the greater goal of raising crop prices and farm income

Civilian Conservation Corps
this put almost 3 million young men to work building roads, developing parks, and helping in soil erosion and flood control projects

Federal Securities Act
this required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offering with the greater goal or restoring public confidence in the stock market

Emergency Banking Relief Act
this authorized the Treasury Department to inspect banks and to close that were found unsound, with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the banking system

National Industrial Recovery Act
this created an administration that set fair prices on many products and established labor standards, with the greater goal of ensuring fair business practices and promoting industrial growth

What was the first major action Roosevelt took as president?
a. he called the first meeting of the “brain trust”
b. he proposed a reorganization of the Supreme Court
c. he closed all of the nation’s banks and prevented withdrawals
d. he established the Civil Works Administration to provide job relief

who was the first woman to serve on the cabinet?
a. Arlene Francis
b. Frances Perkins
c. Eleanor Roosevelt
d. Mary McLoed Bethune

Which of the following was not a New Deal goal?
a. relieve the needy of financial burden
b. reform the financial institutions
c. increase consumer purchasing power
d. recovering from economic problems

all of the following were part of the New Deal Coalition except
a. african americans
b. unionized workers
c. urban workers
d. rural groups

the Great Depression lasted from
a. 1929-1932
b. 1929-1941
c. 1932-1941
d. 1932-1945

what was the name of the organization of critics of the New Deal?
a. American Conservation Organization
b. American Liberal Organization
c. American Liberty League
d. American Freedom League

what did Roosevelt extend to rural areas?
a. food
b. farms
c. electricity
d. banks

how would you characterize Eleanor Roosevelt’s attitute towards african americans?
a. supportive
b. disrespectful
c. neutral
d. absent

by decreasing farm surpluses, New Deal policies helped to
a. lower the cost of food
b. increase the food supply
c. raise the price of farm goods
d. combat the effects of the Dust Bowl

how would you characterize the art selections from the time period?
a. upbeat
b. provocative
c. depressing
d. colorful

what might a supporter of the New Deal say?
a. government’s role was intrusive
b. government did not go far enough
c. government was too active in the economy
d. government insures economic stability

deficit spending
what is spending more money than the government receives in revenues?

fireside chats
what was the name given to Roosevelt’s radio talks

Brain Trust
what was FDR’s group of advisers called

New Deal Coalition
an alignment of diverse groups dedicated to supporting the Democratic Party

Black Cabinet
what was the name of the influential African American group formed to advise Roosevelt on racial issues?

which of the following was most directly responsible for creating new jobs and putting people to work?
a. Social Security Act
b. Fair Labor Standards Act
c. National Labor Relations Act
d. Works Progress Administration

which of the following was a main objective of the Agricultural Adjustment Act?
a. to increase farm production
b. to raise prices of farm products
c. to provide pensions for retired farmers
d. to encourage more people to enter farming

which of the following pieces of New Deal legislation was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?
a. Wagner Act
b. Social Security Act
c. Emergency Banking Relief Act
d. National Industrial Recovery Act

what role did Eleanor Roosevelt play in the Roosevelt administration?
a. she served as a cabinet member
b. she focused on being an excellent hostess
c. she was an important adviser on foreign policy
d. she was an important adviser on domestic policy

in general the public perceived all of the following characteristics in Roosevelt EXCEPT
a. compassion
b. self-confidence
c. communication skills
d. economic conservatism

Richard Wright
his classic novel, Native Son, depicts the difficulties faced by a young man trying to survive in a racist world

Grant Wood
his famous painting, American Gothic, depicts two stern-faced farmers standing stiffly in front of their farmhouse

The Grapes of Wrath
This classic novel written by John Steinbeck focuses on the difficulties faced by people who, forced off the great plains during the dust bowl, move to California

Gone with the Wind
one of the most popular movies of all time, this sweeping drama about life among Southern plantation owners during the civil war starred Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable

Orson Welles
this actor, director, producer, and writer created one of the most famous radio broadcasts of all time, “The war of the worlds,” and directed the movie classic, Citizen Kane

Federal Securities Act
this required corporations to provide complete, truthful information on all stock offerings

Tennessee Valley Authority
this rebuilt dams an dprovided hydroelectric power to an impoverished region

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
created through the Glass Steagall Banking act of 1933, this originally protected up to $5000 of an individual’s deposits

social security act
this provided a pension for retirred workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities, poor mothers with dependent children, and the needy elderly

civilian conservation corps
this put hundreds of thousands of young single men to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees, and helping in soil erosion and flood control projects

wagner act
this listed unfair labor practices and established the National Labor Relations Board to settle disputes between employers and employees

___ helped organie the “Black Cabinet” a group of influential african americans who advised the roosevelt administration on racial issues
a. Dorothea lange
b. Mary McLoed Bethune
c. Frances Perkins
d. Eleanor Roosevelt

the New Deal attempted to increase all of the following except
a. prices of farm goods
b. consumer purchasing power
c. industrial and farm surpluses
d. government regulation of business

the federal emergency relief administration was most helpful to____
a. farmers in isolated rural areas
b. the unemployed, the aged, and the ill
c. politicians and business owners
d. mass production industrial workers

___ used music to express the hardships of american life during the depression
a. woody guthrie
b. grant wood
c. diego rivera
d. richard wright

all of the following were passed during roosevelt’s first term as president except for the
a. social security act
b. agricultural adjustment act
c. emergency banking relief act
d. national industrial recovery act

which of the following reached a new high during roosevelt’s firs tterm as president?
a. tariff rates
b. employment
c. the national debt
d. per capita income

which of the following of roosevelt’s ideas failed to become law
a. federally supported loans for housing
b. the reorganizatoin ofthe supreme court
c. the establishment of regional planning authorities
d. the establishment of a federally supported pension program

which of the following claimed that the new deal porlicies failed to adequately help the common person and proposed a social program called “share our wealth”?
a. huey long
b. john collier
c. john l lewis
d alfred landon

securities and exchange commission
tthis was created to reform, and to restore confidence in, the stock market by providing a means to moniter the market and to enforce laws regarding the sales of stocks and bonds

fair labor standards act
this set a national, mininum hourly wage and prohibited factory labor cfor children under 16 years of age

emergency banking relief act
this provided for bank inspections by the treasury department and a means for making federal loans to solid banks

works progress administration
this addresed the problems of unemployemtn and poverty by creating as many jobs as possible, ranging from the construciton of airports and libraries to the sewing of clothign for the needy

By issuing licenses to banks that were wxamined by federal officials How did the Emergency Banking Relief Act help solve the banking crisis? Break up big companies What did Roosevelts advisers who were in favor of “New Freedom” want to …

3 Acts of Hoover Emergency Relief and Construction Act, Agricultural Marketing Act, Reconstruction Finance Corporation Emergency Relief and Construction Act 1932. “Purchasing on the margin”= borrowing. Large public works projects funded (Hoover dam). It was a way for the federal …

CCC Civilian Conservation Corps. It was a Relief Program that provided work for young men 18-25 years old in food control, planting, flood work, etc. TVA The Tennessee Valley Authority federation was created in 1933 in order to build Hydro …

during the the roosevelt administration , the democratic party emerged into a coalition that included all of the following except : the business elite Liberalism during the New Deal came to be understood as: active govt. to uplift less fortunate …

Define Huey P. Long’s “share our wealth” program. Everyone in America should have the opportunity to share the wealth of America What did the Emergency Banking Act allow the government to do? Gave the government the power to investigate banks …

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