Chapter 13:The New Deal (1932-1941) Section 13.1

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
President of the Unites States during the Depression and WWII

Brian Trust
FDR put together a group of academics and professionals that the press

Frances Perkins
U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, longest serving in that position and the first women appointed to the U.S. Cabinet

First New Deal
Programs and legislation entranced by FDR during the Great Depression to promote economic recovery and social reform

Black Holiday
FDR believed that banking system needed to be reformed in order to restore confidence in the banking system

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
Government agency that insures bank deposits, guaranteeing that depositors money will be safe

SEC ( Securities and Exchange Commission )
Congress also established the SEC as a way to regulate the stock market and to make it safer place for investments

AAA ( Agriculture Adjustment Act )
Sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices by producing finalal aid, paying farmers subsides not a plant part of their lang and kill off excess livestock

TVA ( Tennessee Valley Authority )
built a series of dams in the Tennessee River Valley to control floods and to generate electric power

CCC ( Civillian Conservation Crops )
It was Relief that provided work for young men 18-25 years old in food control, planting, flood work, etc.

PWA ( Public Works Administration )
Part of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, put people to building or improving public buildings like school, post offices, etc

Fireside Charts
FDR delivered his 1st fire chart to communicate directly with American public to pressure them about the banks, basically that they were a safe place to keep their money

Why did President Roosevelt need his wife, Eleanor, to serve as his “eyes and ears”?
– It is often difficult for a President to make frequent trips to talk to people personally
– It was easy for Eleanor Roosevelt to do this and tell the President what she had learned

How did the New Deal attempt to provide relief, recovery, and reform during the depression?
– Created jobs for workers by making new jobs by government spending (recovery)
– AAA (relief)
– Banking system (reform)
– FDIC (reform)
– CCC (recovery)

What 3 programs provided work relief (jobs)?

How did FDR’s economic polices differ from those of Herbert Hoover?
Hoover believed that state and local governments and private institutions should provide relief during the Great Depression FDR believed that federal government

Why do you think the depression led to the development of some extreme proposals?
The depression led to the development of extreme proposals because the nation was in so much trouble financially that extreme measures were the only option

What were the criticisms of the New Deal from the right, left, and Populists?
– (Left) FDR was helping out wealthy bankers
– (Populist) they are going to try and call for more extremes
– the most important reforms were the providing of jobs to minorities, social security systems, aid for farmers,right for workers and water projects

Franklin D Roosevelt He beat Herbert Hoover in the general election and became the 32nd President of the United States. He was a democrat and cousin to previous president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. …

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt US president in 1932 and pledged the New Deal to help American society Brain Trust nickname given by the press to a diverse group of men and woman whom Roosevelt sought out to help him with the …

Frances Perkins -America’s first female cabinet member (as Secretary of Labor) -Contributed to creating the Social Security system -Supervised labor legislation What problems did women face in the New Deal era? -Faced discrimination in the workplace -The attitude towards working …

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic president who created the New Deal to counter the effects of the Great Depression New Deal A collection of multiple programs started to end the Great Depression passed by Franklin Roosevelt; some of these programs included …

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