Chapter 12 Psych

Which of the following most accurately describes emotional arousal?
A) Emotions are voluntary reactions to emotion-arousing stimuli.
B) Because all emotions have the same physiological basis, emotions are primarily psychological events.
C) Emotional arousal is always accompanied by cognition.
D) Emotions prepare the body to fight or flee.

One effect of prolonged stress on the body is to
A) increase the growth of B and T lymphocytes.
B) facilitate the immune system response.
C) increase disease resistance.
D) suppress the immune system.

Schachter’s and Singer’s two-factor theory emphasizes that emotion involves both
A) the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the nervous system.
B) universal and culture-specific aspects.
C) physical arousal and a cognitive label.
D) verbal and nonverbal expression.

Research on cancer patients reveals that
A) stress affects the growth of cancer cells by weakening the body’s natural resources.
B) cancer occurs slightly more often than usual among those widowed, divorced, or separated.
C) all of these statements are true.
D) patients’ attitudes can influence their rate of recovery.

The component of Type A behavior that is the most predictive of coronary disease is
A) anger.
B) time urgency.
C) high motivation.
D) competitiveness.

Cassandra’s mother told her, “You know you are in love when your heart beats fast and you experience that unique trembling feeling inside.” This remark best illustrates the ________ theory of emotion.
A) Cannon-Bard
B) two-factor
C) James-Lange
D) catharsis

The polygraph measures
A) lying.
B) physiological indices of arousal.
C) brain rhythms.
D) chemical changes in the body.

The autonomic nervous system regulates the ________ that accompanies different emotions.
A) conscious experiences
B) expressive behaviors
C) physiological arousal
D) subjective well-being

According to the Cannon-Bard theory, the body’s arousal is related to the sympathetic nervous system in the same way that subjective awareness of emotion is related to the
A) thalamus
B) parasympathetic nervous system.
C) hypothalamus.
D) cortex.

When students studied others who were worse off than themselves, they felt greater satisfaction with their own lives. This is an example of the principle of
A) adaptation level.
B) opponent processes.
C) behavioral contrast.
D) relative deprivation.

Which division of the nervous system calms the body after an emergency has passed?
A) somatic
B) sympathetic
C) parasympathetic
D) central

In order, the sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome is
A) stage of resistance, alarm reaction, stage of exhaustion.
B) stage of exhaustion, stage of resistance, alarm reaction.
C) alarm reaction, stage of resistance, stage of exhaustion.
D) alarm reaction, stage of exhaustion, stage of resistance.

One way for people to improve their own subjective well-being is to
A) overestimate how much they can accomplish.
B) participate in regular aerobic exercise.
C) focus more attention on themselves.
D) do all of these things.

In an emergency situation, emotional arousal will result in
A) increased blood sugar.
B) all of these events.
C) a slowing of digestion.
D) increased rate of respiration.

The term catharsis refers to emotional
A) inhibition
B) adaptation
C) release
D) disturbance

Psychologists define stress as
A) the process by which we appraise and respond to threatening or challenging events.
B) physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion.
C) an attempt to reach some important goal.
D) the experience of realistic anxiety.

he basic components of emotion are
A) cognition, affect, and behavior.
B) physical gestures, facial expressions, and psychological drives.
C) expressive behaviors, physiological arousal, and conscious experience.
D) sympathetic arousal, parasympathetic inhibition, and cognitive labeling.

The field of health psychology is concerned with
A) all of these things.
B) the prevention of illness.
C) the promotion of health.
D) the treatment of illness.

Winston has a very negative academic self-concept because most of his classmates are more academically advanced than he is. Winston’s experience best illustrates
A) the adaptation-level phenomenon.
B) the James-Lange theory.
C) the two-factor theory.
D) relative deprivation.

The James-Lange theory of emotion states that
A) an emotion-arousing stimulus simultaneously triggers both physiological arousal and the subjective experience of emotion.
B) the expression of emotion reduces our level of physiological arousal.
C) to experience emotion is to be aware of our physiological responses to an emotion-arousing event.
D) to experience emotion we must be physically aroused and able to cognitively label the emotion.

emotion: a response of the whole organism, involving (1) physiological arousal, (2) expressive behaviors, and (3) conscious experience (emotion) James-Lange theory: the theory that our experience of emotion is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli (James-Lange theory) …

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fear the central nervous system’s physiological and emotional response to a serious threat to one’s well being anxiety the response to a vague sense of threat or danger WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR …

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