Chap 9

​Among the following, which is the most important strategy for an underweight person who wishes to achieve a healthy body weight?
A high-kcalorie diet plus regular exercise

​An important aid in any weight-loss diet program is to
increase physical activity.

​The classification of underweight is achieved when the BMI first drops below

​Clinically severe obesity is also known as
morbid obesity

​Your patient, Mr. Sinclair, has a BMI of 43 and is taking drugs to lose weight. He has heard that some drugs cause lots of gastrointestinal discomfort and would prefer to take one that doesn’t give him any of these side effects. Which of the following should be prescribed for Mr. Sinclair?

​Why, in part, is weight loss more successful with exercise and also after bypass surgery?
Ghrelin levels are relatively low.​

​Which of the following is a characteristic of breakfast eating?
People who eat breakfast frequently have a lower BMI than breakfast skippers

​Which of the following is a feature of the lipoprotein lipase enzyme?
Its activities in men and women are sex-related and explain the differences in major fat storage regions of the body.

​Kirima is a Native Eskimo who lives in one of the coldest regions in the world. What type of adipose tissue is most effective at helping her to maintain warm body temperatures during the coldest parts of the year?

​Which of the following is a feature of gastric surgery for the treatment of clinically severe obesity?
It diminishes the amount of food that can be eaten without GI distress.

​What is the best meal-planning strategies for underweight people who desire to gain weight?
Eat meaty appetizers rather than salads.

​On which organ or tissue does leptin primarily act?

​A typical person who burns 200 kcalories during a fast 2-mile run would, in the postexercise period, burn up to an additional
​30 kcalories

Which of the following is a feature of taking diet histories to gauge energy intake?​
Both normal and obese people commonly misreport actual energy intakes.

​The prescription drug phentermine acts by enhancing the release of

What proportion of the U.S. adult population is considered overweight or obese?​

​What is the primary action of orlistat, a weight-loss drug?
It inhibits pancreatic lipase.

​Which of the following is a feature of the use of artificial sweeteners to control body weight?
They may lead to weight gain in some people

​Which of the following is a feature of physical inactivity and energy balance?
Differences in the time obese and lean people spend lying, sitting, standing, and moving account for about 350 kcalories per day.

​As a general rule, what minimum number of kcalories per day is necessary to ensure nutritional adequacy in an eating plan for reducing body weight in men?

​Which of the following is a characteristic of liposuction?
​It results in a return of body fat within a year, primarily to the abdomen

​What proportion of overweight U.S. adults have maintained at least a 10% weight loss for at least a year?
1 in 6

​Because obesity apparently has many causes, even in a single individual, the best approach seems to be

​Which of the following is a feature of weight gain and genetics?
Adopted children tend to have body weights more like their biological parents than their adoptive parents

​Of the following, which is among the recommended strategies for weight gain in an underweight person?
Regular strength training

What are the observed effects of sleep deprivation on leptin and ghrelin?
​Leptin decreases while ghrelin increases

​In a weight reduction regimen, the most realistic time frame for losing 5-10% of initial body weight is
6 weeks

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