Chap. 17 Hygiene

What type of bath is preferred to decrease the inflammation after rectal surgery?
Sitz bath

An 80-year-old woman tells the nurse that she just itches all the time and her skin seems very dry. How do these symptoms relate to aging skin?
activity of the glands in the skin lessens

In order to maintain a healthy and hygienic integumentary system, a nurse is clipping the overgrown nails of an older adult client. Which other part should the nurse check to maintain the hygiene of the client’s integumentary system?

The nurse is preparing to perform perineal care on an uncircumcised adult male client who was incontinent of stool. The client’s entire perineal area is heavily soiled. Which of the following techniques for cleaning the penis is correct?
Retract the foreskin while washing the penis; then, immediately pull the foreskin back into place.

The acute care nurse is talking with an older client who had a complete bed bath earlier in the day. The client states, “I like to be scrubbed clean during my bath and the person who bathed me today didn’t even use soap and water, and barely rubbed my skin to dry it.” Which of the following responses by the nurse is most appropriate?
“Use of special bathing products and avoidance of scrubbing help keeps your skin intact.”

When an adult client from Indonesia refuses a complete bath on the day after abdominal surgery, the nurse should …
Understand that his culture may influence his hygiene and ask him his preference

A nurse is shaving the facial hair of a bed-ridden patient. Which of the following is a recommended guideline for this procedure?
Shave with the direction of hair growth in downward, short strokes.

Which of the following is a correct guideline to follow when providing a bed bath for a client?
Fold the washcloth like a mitt on your hand so that there are no loose ends.

Which of the following factors does not affect personal hygiene practices?

A 55-year-old client has just undergone surgery for a knee replacement. He asks the nurse if he can shave because his face is itching from the stubble. What information is a priority for the nurse to verify prior to shaving the client?
Medications listed on the clients MAR

A student has been assigned to provide morning care to a client. The plan of care includes the information that the client requires partial care. What will the student do?
Provide supplies and assist with hard-to-reach areas.

A nurse is examining an adult client with inflammation of the gums. The nurse observes bleeding gums. How should the nurse record the findings in the client’s medical record?

A nurse is providing perineal care for a female client who has a decreased level of consciousness. Which of the following techniques should the nurse employ when providing this care?
Wipe from the pubic area toward the anal area.

When an African American adolescent client asks the nurse how to care for her long hair, which is braided into small braids, the nurse should instruct the client that
Hair should be washed as often as necessary

Before a long-term care resident goes to sleep at night, his dentures are placed in a denture cup with clean water. What rationale supports placing dentures in water?
To prevent drying and warping of plastic

What type of patients have specific toenail needs?

What is a specialist for feet?

Patients on anticoagulants should use
Electrical razor and soft toothbrush

What are some safety factors to promote safety in the bathroom for older adults?
Bars, Pull cord(emergency), dry floor, non-skid in tubs

Why do older adults not need a bath every day?
skin is too dry

You are working in a facility and a client is being treated with frequent seizures. What person hygiene for a bath should you give with a client with seizures?
Bag-bath quicker and more comfortable

A nurse is caring for a client with a decreased level of consciousness. When performing mouth care, the nurse understands the importance of what type of positioning to decrease complications of oral care?
The client should be placed in a side-lying position to prevent aspiration.

An older adult resident of a long-term care facility has recurring problems with dry skin. Which of the following strategies should the nursing staff utilize in order to help meet the resident’s hygiene needs while preventing skin dryness?
Use a nonsoap cleaning agent.

A nurse is reviewing proper toothbrushing procedures with a family. At what angle would the nurse advise to hold a manual toothbrush when cleaning the teeth? Fill in the blank with the correct number.

A nurse is brushing the hair of a client admitted to the health care facility following a fracture in the hand. The nurse implements this action based on the understanding that brushing the hair achieves which of the following?
Facilitates oil distribution

Older, continent patients who are hospitalized should receive a full bed bath with soap and water every day.

The nurse is caring for a female client who is unconscious. You should pay special attention to cleaning which of the following areas of the body?
Underneath the breasts and in between skin folds

When the nurse cleanses the client’s leg during a bed bath, it will allow for
Increased circulation

A 76-year-old client is admitted to the health agency with a stroke. The nurse, while bathing the client, starts wiping and cleaning the body from feet onward. The client is incapable of assisting the nurse in the bathing process. Which of the following techniques is the nurse using to bathe the client?
Towel bath

A nurse is teaching an adolescent patient how to care for her acne. Which of the following is a recommended guideline?
Use water-based moisturizers and make-up.

Upon review of the client’s orders, the nurse notes that the client was recently started on an anticoagulant. What is an appropriate consideration when assisting the client with morning hygiene?
Provide the client with an electric shaver.

A nurse providing hygiene and bathing for older adult clients knows that additional safety measures may be necessary in their care. When delegating care to an Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP), the nurse explains that the following are true regarding safety of the older adult while bathing. Select all that apply.
Water temperature should be monitored carefully due to decreased temperature sensation.
• Use of a tub/shower seat may be necessary if balance problems are present.
• Using a long-handled shower brush or attachment helps with limited mobility.

A nurse is teaching a patient how to care for her dentures. Which of the following is a recommended teaching guideline?
Store dentures in cold water when not in use.

A nursing instructor is explaining the benefits of bathing to a group of nursing students. She states there are numerous benefits beyond hygiene. A student understands the concepts when she lists the following benefits orally to the class. Select all that apply.
• Bathing can stimulate circulation.
• Bathing can improve appearance and self-image.
• Bathing removes organisms from the skin, reducing infection.

Which of the following is a recommended guideline when removing contact lenses from a client’s eyes?
Before removing hard or gas-permeable lenses, use gentle pressure to center the lens on the cornea.

A kindergarten student is sent to the school nurse because she has been vigorously scratching her scalp for a few hours. The nurse’s first action will be to assess the child for the presence of which of the following?

The nurse assists the client to the bathroom sink to perform morning care. The nurse observes the client wash his face, arms, abdomen, and legs. The nurse washes the client’s back and rectal area and applies soap to the back. The client brushes his teeth and ambulates to a chair in his room with assistance. How will the nurse describe the morning care on the client’s chart?
Partial care

What should the nurse do to prepare the unconscious client for oral care? The nurse should
Use small amounts of water and oral suction device

The nurse is caring for a woman who informs the nurse that she needs assistance to remove and clean her glass eye. What actions by the nurse are most appropriate to accomplish the task?
Pull down on the lower lid and exert slight pressure below the lid

When providing oral care, which of the following does the nurse recognize as the most important component of the oral care process?
A thorough mechanical cleaning

An older adult client with Parkinson’s disease is unable to take care of himself. The client frequently soils his bed and is unable to clean himself independently. How should the nurse in this case ensure the client’s perineal care?
Cleanse to remove secretions from less-soiled to more-soiled areas.

A client who has been admitted in the health care facility has had a surgery and is unconscious. The nurse needs to take care of the client’s hygiene and oral care daily. The client’s teeth and lips show dry crusts when there is a day’s gap in the oral hygiene. Which of the following can best describe the client’s oral condition?

When shaving a male patient’s face, pull the skin taut and use short, upward strokes.

A nurse is assisting a client to shave his beard. Which of the following statements accurately describes a recommended step in this process?
Apply cream to area to be shaved in a layer about ½-inch thick.

A nurse is assisting a client with a sitz bath. For what reasons is a sitz bath used? Select all that apply.
• Removes blood, serum, stool, or urine
• Reduces local swelling
• Relieves discomfort

A nurse teaches student nurses recommended skin care practices for their patients. Which of the following statements accurately describes one of these guidelines?
Avoid using soap and water.

A home care nurse visits a client for follow up. During the visit, the client asks the nurse to explain the process for cleaning the soft contact lenses that he got recently. Which of the following would the nurse include when teaching the client about contact lens care?
Rinse with cleaning solution to remove debris

A nurse is evaluating the effectiveness of health promotion teaching related to hygiene at a community workshop. Which statements by the one of the participants requires further teaching to ensure understanding? Select all that apply. “It is important to brush …

The client informs the nurse that his hearing aid is uncomfortable. After checking the hearing aid and inspecting the client​’s ​ear, the nurse notices that the cerumen is visible in the auricle. How does the nurse remove the​ cerumen? Retract …

Hygiene Science of health and it’s maintenance. Personal Hygiene Self-care by which people attend to such functions as bathing, toileting, general body hygiene, and grooming. Hygiene is a highly personal matter determined by individual values and practices. WE WILL WRITE …

**Major functions of the skin: (Skin -Largest organ of the body)** -Protects underlying tissues from injury. The skin and mucous membranes are considered the body’s first line of defense. -Regulates the body temperature. -Secretes sebum, an oily substance that softens …

Unit/LO/AC |Date of Activity: Explain why personal hygiene is important. Keeps the body and hair free from infections, allowing the skin, nail and hair to be kept in good condition. Infection comes from eating, drinking, coughing, sneezing, sweating and elimination …

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