Ch1-6 cpr

Each yr. how many people suffer a non fatal injury serious enough to need medical attention?
1 in 4

What is First-Aid intended for?
The immediate care given to a person who has been injured or suddenly I’ll ill

What is consent?
when must it be obtained?
Permission that the victim gives to begin first aid
Before you give first aid

Act of omission
Failure to do what a reasonable prudent person with the same training would do

Act of commission
Do something a prudent person would not do (like moving a person)

What is the first action a bystander should take in an emergency?
Recognize the emergency

What are u looking for when u size up the scene?
Hazards, cause of injury, and number of victims

What is PPE?
A barrier between first aider and victim

Examples of PPE
Gloves, mouth barrier, and eye protection

Why is using PPE important?
To prevent exposure to blood or body fluids

How quickly will death occur if the oxygen supply of the body is cut off?
4-6 minutes

What is the average rate of breaths for adults, children, and infants?
Adults 12-20
Children 15-30
Infants 25-50

What are the sigh s of inadequate breathing?
A breathing rate outside normal rate
Cool or clammy skin that is pale or cyanotic and nasal flaring

What artery should be checked for an unconscious adult?
Carotid artery

What is the central nervous system?
Collection of nerve cells coordinate all parts of the body and keep the individual in touch with the outside world

What organs make up the CNS?
The brain and spinal cord

The adult skeleton has how many bones?
206 bones

A person with a possible back or neck injury should be handled carefully because of possible damage to what?
The spinal cord

What is the purpose of skin?
Protects deep tissues and regulates body temperature

What are the purpose of ligaments?
Hold the bones and act as bands of flexible connective tissue

What is the primary check?
Identify life threatening conditions

How do u check for a victims responsiveness?
Tap the victim on the shoulder and as ask if they are okay
Use the AVPU scale

What is the HAINES position?
The arm closest to the ground is fully out stretched and lies under the head
Both legs are flexes at the hip and knee resulting in one lying on top of the other

What is AVPU used for?
To check responsiveness

A alert
V responsive to verbal stimulus
P responsive only to pain stimulus
U unresponsive to any stimulus

What are signs?

What are symptoms?
Things the victim feels, describe, complaint

How often should your initial assessment be performed when waiting for EMS?
Serious injury or illness every 15 minutes

What is triage?
Process of prioritizing multiple victims

What is the leading cause of death in the U.S.
Heart Attack

What occurs during a heart attack?
heart muscle tissue dies because its blood supply is severely reduced or stopped

What does the cardiac chain of survival include?
Recognition and action
Advanced Care
Post-Arrest care

What is considered an effective chest compression?

If alone with a child or infant what should a rescuer do?
Give 5 cycles of CPR then call 911

Where should your hand placement be for adult CPR?
Place hands in the center of the chest at the lower half of the breast bone

How many compressions to breaths for adults?
30 to 2

What should be the depth for chest compressions on adults, children, and infants?
Adults-2 inches
Children- 2 inches
Infants- 1 1/2 inches

How long should each rescue breath last?
1 second

What is your finger placement for infants?

What method is used to open the airway of an unresponsive victim?
Heimlich maneuver

Where should your hand be placed for abdominal thrusts on a choking victim?
reach around the victim with both arms and locate the navel

How many abdominal thrusts should be done for a responsive choking adult?
till the object is removed or the victim becomes unresponsive

What do you do when a choking adult becomes unresponsive?
call 911
Begin CPR

What is the age range for a child?
1 yr to puberty

What is ventricular fibrillation?
abnormal heart rhythm

What should occur before using an AED

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