Ch 8 MC

another national bank
The experience of American banking during the War of 1812 revealed the need for

The national bank forbade state bands from issuing thier own notes
Which of the following statements about American currency and banking in this era is FALSE

the growth of American manufacturing was stimulated
As a result of the War of 1812,

improving the power loom
Francis Cabot Lowell’s contribution to American textile mills included

Waltham, Massachusetts
The first American mill to carry on the processes of spinning and weaving under a single roof was located in

internal transportation system
After the War of 1812, it was clear that the United States needed an improved

included highways that reached into Ohio and Pennsylvania
By 1818, the United States’ internal road system

The Lancaster Pike was a road partially financed by the state of

all these answers are correct
By 1818, American steam-powered shipping

both supporting the idea of using federal funds to finance transportation construction, and vetoing a bill that would have used federal funds to construct roads and canals
On his last day in office, President James Madison influenced “internal improvements” by

nearly doubled
Between 1800 and 1820, the population of the US

all these answers are correct
In the early 19th century, the westward movement of white Americans was encouraged by

frequent mobility of the population
In the early 19th century, life in the western territories was characterized by

included a vast, productive prairie in Alabama and Mississippi
In the early 19th century, the Deep South

quickly opened its northern territories to trade with the US
After Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, it

William Becknell
The Missouri merchant who helped to create the santa Fe Trail by selling cheap American goods in Mexican markets was

very often married Indian and Mexican women
In the early 19th century, “mountain men”

agreed with the findings and conclusions of Zebulon PIke
In the early 19th century, the explorer Stephen Long

rising nationalism and optimism in the US
The “era of good feelings” following the War of 1812 reflected

James Monroe
Who among the following was a part of the “Virginia Dynasty”

served as secretary of state
Prior to becoming president, James Monroe had

undertook a goodwill tour of the country
Shortly after becoming president, James Monroe

the Federalist Party in effect ceased to exist
During the administration of James Monroe

the Seminole War
What even prompted Spain to negotiate the sale of Florida to the US

In 1819, the Adams-Onis Treaty dealt with the American purchase of

new management practices within the Bank of the US
One cause of the Panic of 1819 was

6 years
The panic of 1819 resulted in a depression that lasted

James Tallmadge, Jr.
The representative from New York who proposed an 1819 amendment prohibiting slavery in Missouri was

maintained the nation’s equal number of slave and free states
The Missouri Compromise of 1819

corporate contracts
The Supreme Court ruling in Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819) was a victory for

Supreme Court review of state court decisions
In Cohens v Virginia (1821), Chief Justice John Marshall affirmed teh constitutionality of

“implied powers” of Congress
In McCullough v Maryland (1819) the Supreme Court confirmed the

strengthened the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce
The Supreme Court ruling of Gibbons v Ogden(1824)

Indians had a basic right to their tribal lands
The Supreme Court ruled in Johnson v McIntosh (1823) that

both individual states and all American Indian tribes
In Worcester v Georgia (1832), the Marshall Court affirmed federal authority over

The policy expressed in the Monroe Doctrine was principally directed at

European powers should not engage in new colonization of the American continents
The Monroe Doctrine declared that

was an important example of American nationalism
The writing of the Monroe Doctrine

John Q. Adams received the second-most electoral votes and became president
In the presidential election of 1824,

Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams
The so-called “corrupt bargain” was negotiate between

a political deal to determine the outcome of the presidential election
The so-called “corrupt bargain” of 1824 involved

was noted for its inability to carry out its policies effectively
The presidential administration of John Quincy Adams

Andrew Jackson was labeled a murderer
During the presidential campaign of 1828,

decisive but sectional
Andrew Jackson’s presidential victory in 1828 was

saw the emergence of a new 2 party system
The election of 1828

the experience of the american banking in the war of 1812 revealed the need for another national bank which of the following statements about american currency and banking in this era is false the national bank forbade state banks from …

Another national Bank Do you experience of American Bank enjoying the war 1812 reviewed the need for The national Bank forbade banks from issuing their own notes Which of the following statements about American currency in banking in this era …

The experience of American banking during the war of 1812 revealed the need for another national bank American currency and banking? second national bank could not forbid state banks to issue currency; but its size and power enabled it to …

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The right to vote was expanded to include many more white males Which statement regarding the American electric during the 1820s is true Two government claiming control the state In 1840 efforts to expand voting rights in Rhode Island’s resulted …

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