Ch 5: Jazz Styles

Music students in many schools can pursue degrees in jazz. (True/False)

Groups of instruments in big band jazz are known as families. (True/False)

A jazz combo adds one or more lead instruments to the rhythm section. (True/False)

Many recordings of New Orleans jazz were made in New Orleans. (True/False)

Boogie-woogie was a unique style of drumming. (True/False)

The more sophisticated big band charts were aimed more at listeners than dancers. (True/False)

Bebop is usually combo jazz. (True/False)

Bebop was well received amongst jazz musicians. (True/False)

Hard bop describes the next generation of Bebop musicians. (True/False)

The musical influences of soul jazz are Latin and reggae. (True/False)

Free jazz is almost pure improvisation. (True/False)

Free jazz was a widely popular form of jazz. (True/False)

Smooth jazz is a less intense and more easy-listening style. (True/False)

Jazz began in the early 20th century in __________ of poor urban neighborhoods.
bars and nightclubs

The cultural influence of jazz was from people of __________ heritage.

Jazz achieved mass popularity during:
the swing era

A standard rhythm section is:

Latin jazz adds a:

The most popular ragtime musician was:
Scott Joplin

Specifically, where was New Orleans jazz performed?

Who was the most successful and famous New Orleans musician?
Louis Armstrong

Who replaced jazz groups as a result of the depression?
solo pianists

1930’s big band jazz is known as the:
Swing Era

Big bands typically have __________ musicians.

Duke Ellington was a:
big band leader

Who was the king of swing?
Benny Goodman

One side of a 78rpm record would play for about:
3 Minutes

Bebop was born in:
after hours jam sessions

Gillespie, Monk, and Clark began to experiment with bebop in the:

__________ was the sax player who solidified the bebop style.
Charlie Parker

Bebop is often:
very fast

__________ jazz came from the 50’s and 60’s.
hard bop

__________ was an attempt to apply sophisticated ideas in a softer manner than bebop.
Cool Jazz

Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, and Stan Getz all played:
cool jazz

Bop musician John Coltrane played:

Free jazz was pioneered by:
Ornette Coleman

In fusion jazz the most dramatic change involves borrowing instruments and techniques from:

The style and definition of jazz is:

Modern jazz artists who value the elements of traditional jazz refer to it as:
straight-ahead jazz

Name the three instrumental groupings in big band jazz.
rhythm, brass, sax

Name the five song types that contributed to early jazz.
popular songs, blues songs, rags, brass band marches, gospel songs

What group made the very first jazz recording?
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

In Dixieland jazz what instrument takes the place of the piano if one is not available?
possible answers include either banjo or guitar

Name a great stride pianist:
Fats Waller, Earl Hines, Art Tatum, Erroll Garner, Oscar Peterson

Name the three forms of swing jazz.
sweet swing, the jazz of Benny Goodman, hot swing

Name three big band leaders.
possible answers include Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson

Name the Pulitzer Prize winning jazz musician.
Wynton Marsalis

short, syncopated melodic patterns

scat singing
vocal improvisation using non-sense syllables

the “feel” of jazz

make it up as you go along

off-beat rhythms

similar to a trumpet

head arrangements
versions of songs played from memory

the main melodic or solo part

Dixieland stop time

Hit Parade
the equivalent of top 40

possessing great skill

a repeated section of a jazz tune

the other musicians in a jazz combo

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