Ch. 31 Section 2: A Worldwide Depression

What was the first new Russian govermment called in 1917?
The Provisional Government

What did the provisional government fall into soon after being created?
Communist dictatorship

What is created when no single party wins majority in a government?
Coalition government

What was Germany’s democratic government in 1919 called?
Weimar Republic

What was the name of the plan in which America provided $200 million to stabilize Germany?
Dawes Plan

What pact was signed by major powers of the world to help stay away from war?
Kellogg-Briand Pact

Why did the Kellogg-Briand Pact fail?
They had no means to enforce their provisions if a country broke it.

What did the stock market crash in 1929 mark the beginning of?
The Great Depression

In 1936, moderates, socialists, and communists in France formed a coalition known as what?
The Popular Front

Who was elected as US president in 1932?
Franklin D. Roosevelt

What program did FDR immediately implement to help bring the US out of the depression?
New Deal

Provisional Government hoped to establish constitutional and democratic rule. However, within months it had fallen to a Communist dictatorship in Russia. coalition government When no single party won a majority, a temporary alliance of several parties, was needed to form …

Why did the economy collapse after the stock market crash? Because everyone invested all thier money in the stocks and most of the people had loans out so whrn all that failed all the money was gone. Why do you …

In new postwar democracies, there were frequent. Many citizens of the new democracies had little experience with representative government. In Germany the Weimar Republic was weak from the start. Germany lacked a strong democratic tradition. Germany blamed the Weimar Republic …

Localism policy relied on by President Hoover in the early years of the great depression whereby local and state government acts as primary agents of economic relief Little orphan Annie The famous comic strip that entertained children during the Great …

In the 1920’s what did most Americans experience? Many people enjoyed a sense of prosperity.Refer to your answer to questions 9 and 10 What political party enjoyed power the 1920’s and watched the country grow increasingly prosperous with consumption, the …

Franklin D Roosevelt He beat Herbert Hoover in the general election and became the 32nd President of the United States. He was a democrat and cousin to previous president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. …

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