Ch 31 Sec 2 A Worldwide Depression

Provisional Government
hoped to establish constitutional and democratic rule. However, within months it had fallen to a Communist dictatorship in Russia.

coalition government
When no single party won a majority, a temporary alliance of several parties, was needed to form a parliamentary majority.

Weimar Republic
*Germany’s new democratic government.*
First, Germany lacked a strong democratic tradition. Furthermore, postwar Germany had several major political parties and many minor ones. Worst of all, millions of Germansblamed the government, not their wartime leaders, for the country’s defeat and postwar humiliation caused by the Versailles Treaty.

Dawes Plan
provided for a $200 million loan from American banks to
stabilize German currency and strengthen its economy. The plan also set a more realistic schedule for Germany’s reparations payments. Was headed by Charles Dawes, an American banker.

Gustav Stresemann
Germany’s foreign minister, signed a treaty promising that
France and Germany would never again make war against each other. Germany also agreed to respect the existing
borders of France and Belgium.

Aristide Briand
France’s foreign minister, signed a treaty promising that France and Germany would never again make war against each other.

“spirit of Locarno”
or Treaty of Locarno. Agreed that Germany and France would never again make war with each other

Kellogg-Briand Pact
Frank Kellogg, the U.S. Secretary of State, arranged this agreement with France’s Briand. Almost every country in the world, including the Soviet Union, signed. They pledged “to renounce war as an instrument of national policy.”

Great Depression
long business slump in US; economy collapsed, unemployment rates began to rise as industrial production, prices, and wages declined.

National Government
a multiparty coalition, passed high protective tariffs, increased taxes, and regulated the currency. It also lowered interest rates to encourage industrial growth. Effective in Britian

Popular Front
passed a series of reforms to help the workers. Unfortunately, price increases quickly offset wage gains. Unemployment remained high. Effective in France

Franklin D. Roosevelt
President after the Great Depression. Sought to restore Americans faith in the US and immediately began a program of government reform called the New Deal.

New Deal
*a program of government reform in US.* Large public works projects helped to provide jobs for the unemployed. New government agencies gave financial help to businesses
and farms. Large amounts of public money were spent on welfare and relief programs.

In new postwar democracies, there were frequent. Many citizens of the new democracies had little experience with representative government. In Germany the Weimar Republic was weak from the start. Germany lacked a strong democratic tradition. Germany blamed the Weimar Republic …

In new postwar democracies,the were frequent changes in government ? The Great War left every major European country nearly bankrupt. In Germany, the Weimar Republic was weak from the start? Because worst of all Germany blamed the government not their …

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What industrial weakness signaled a declining economy in the 1920s? Key basic industries: railroads, textiles, and steel barely made a profit. Railroads lost business due to new transportation – trucks, buses, automobiles Credit An arrangement in which consumers agreed to …

Totalitarianism- a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.) Joseph Stalin- Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian …

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