Ch 30 Emergency Care 13th Edition

Multiple-trauma patient
more than one serious injury

Multisystem-trauma patient
One or more injuries serious enough to affect more than one body system

Most Critical decisions
-if u need to limit scene time or not
-picking the hospital or transport method

Altered mental status
(Glasgow Coma Scale [GCS] < 14)

(systolic < 90 mmHg)

Other severe anatomic critiria
– Penetrating injuries to head, neck,
torso, and extremities proximal to
elbow and knee
– Chest wall instability or deformity
– Two or more proximal long-bone
– Crushed, degloved, mangled, or
pulseless extremity
– Amputation proximal to wrist or ankle
– Pelvic fractures
– Open or depressed skull fracture
– Paralysis

severe MOIs
Ejection from automobile
Death in same passenger compartment
Vehicle telemetry data consistent with
high risk of injury

Special Patients and considerations
Older adults do not efficiently
compensate for shock.
Children may benefit by transport to a
pediatric specialty facility.
Patients with certain conditions
§ Taking anticoagulants
§ Pregnant

Revised Trauma Score

Components of RTS
Systolic blood pressure
Respiratory rate

Glasgow Coma Scale

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