Ch. 26 Delegation: An art of professional nursing practice

The expectation of explaining actions and results

Active delegation
Proactively making a decision about tasks and people to accomplish effective work

The power to make decisions which often derives from policies, laws, and job descriptions

The individual who becomes accountable for performing delegated activities

The transfer of responsibility for the performance of a task from one individual to another while retaining the accountability for the outcome.
– ANA definition

The individual with authority t share activities with another.

Individual Accountability
The individuals’ ability to explain their actions and results.
The individual is accountable and responsible for their nursing practice including the decision to delegate.

Organizational accountability
The accountability for the system of operations; the prime accountability of organizations is patient safety. Organizations are accountable for adequate resources to deliver safe care.
The organization needs to have a supportive work environment and teams to assist in care.

Patient care associate (PCA)
A title given to individuals who are employed as unlicensed nursing personnel. Formerly nurse aide.

Passive delegation
Delegation that does not require a decision-making process. The decisions derive from job descriptions or policies and thus the tasks are not actively delegated, they are assumed by virtue of the policy or job description.

The condition of being reliable and dependable and being obligated to accomplish work.

Provision of guidance and oversight of delegate nursing task.

Unlicensed nursing personnel (UNP)/ unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)
Healthcare workers who are not licensed and who are prepared to provide certain elements of care under the supervision of a registered nurse

Why is delegation important?
It helps nurses to achieve all of the tasks they have.

Where do we get the legal authority to delegate?
The Nurse practice act identifies the Scope of Practice and gives the legal authority to delegate.
*Important to know you nurse practice act!
The facility may set policies
The Nurse is legally accountable and liable.
Licensure conveys both privilege and expectation.

What key concepts are in the practice of nursing?

What are some common errors with delegating that result in poor patient outcomes?
Improper direction
Lack of follow through
– Its important to give clear directions, and then check in with the person you delegated or ask them to report back to you.

What are the 5 rights to delegation?
Right task
Right circumstances
Right person
Right direction/communication
Right supervision

Followership behavior includes what?
Ability: are they able to do it? maybe it’s in their scope of practice but they haven’t had training on it yet.
Willingness: Maybe they aren’t willing to do anything right now, might have a lot on their plate.
Trust: You trust they are able to do what you ask them to

What can we NOT delegate?
– The initial assessment rests rests with the RN, and subsequent ones requiring professional judgement.
– Determination of nursing diagnosis, care goals, plan, and progress
– Interventions that require professional knowledge and skill

What is the difference between assignment and delegation?
Assignment gives responsibility and accountability where delegation gives responsibility but retains accountability.

What factors should we consider when delegating?
– potential harm
– complexity of task
– need for problem solving and innovation
– unpredictability of outcome
– level of interaction with patient
– Safety
– Critical Thinking
– Stability
– Time

principles to effective delegation
Communicate clearly and completely
Make your availability clear to the person
Retain control. Follow-up as needed
Expect progress report

Barriers to effective delegation
I can do it better myself.
It takes too much time
I don’t know what they are allowed to do.
I am concerned about supervising assistive personnel.
My license is on th eline.
We’ve always done it this way.

Tips for delegating
– Understand the organizational structure, policies, and culture of the institution to make delegation decisions.
– Comprehend the job description of individuals before delegating tasks
– Assess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the individual staff members before delegating tasks.
– Use your nurse practice act and standards for clinical practice to determine how to appropriately delegate tasks.

the judgments that you make in management and delegation situations have to be based on what knowledge: medical- surgical what content must you know in order to properly manage and delegate: core content WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE …

Accountability Acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies within the scope of the role or employment position and encompassing the obligation to report, explain, and be answerable for resulting consequences Delegation transferring the authority to perform a …

delegation (ANA definition) the transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity from one person to another while retaining the accountability for the outcome. delegating nurse must know the job description and match the skill level of the UAP …

Nurse practice act Nurse practice act is the legal authority Delegation criteria vary state to state State board of nursing defines the actions and duties of a nurse Define delegation Transfer responsibility to a competent person… while retaining accountability for …

What are the FIVE conditions that nust be met for nurse delegation? Licensed RN transfers task, 3 specific tasks cannot be delegated, delegation covers a specific task for one client, only qualified NA can accept delegation, delegation can only happen …

What is an assignment? The distribution of work that each staff member is *responsible* for during a given period or work shift. The RN assumes along with their assignment all the responsibilities and is accountable for the work done. Overall …

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