Ch. 17 Oral Pathology

What type of lesions are below the surface?

What type of lesions are below the surface?

What type of lesions are even with the surface?

What condition results from an infection caused by a yeastlike fungus?

What is another term for canker sore
Aphthous ulcer

What is the condition in which inflammation causes severe pain and high fever

What is the term for inflammation of the tongue

What is the condition in which the pattern of the tongue changes
Geographic tongue

What is the condition in which the body does not absorb vitamin B12?
Pernicious anemia

What type of cancer affects the blood-forming organs?

What is a common precancerous lesion among users of smokeless tobacco?

What causes radiation caries?
Lack of saliva

What is the condition frequently seen on the lateral border of the tongue of patients with HIV/AIDS?
Hairy leukoplakia

What opportunistic infection is seen as purplish-colored lesions on the skin or oral mucosa of patients with HIV/AIDS?
Kaposi’s sarcoma

What is the malignant condition that involves the lymph nodes of patients with AIDS/HIV?

What is the term for abnormally large jaws?

What is the name for bony growths in the palate?
Torus palatinus

What is a more common term for ankyloglossia?

What is the term used for abnormally small teeth?

What term is used to describe two teeth joining together?

Name the heredity abnormality in which there are hypoplasia-type defects in the enamel formation
Ameligenesis imperfecta

What are potential complications of oral-facial piercing ?
Infection, chipped teeth, broke, and broken teeth

What factors can cause meth mouth?
Consumption of sugary soft drinks, lack of saliva caused by the drug, and clenching and grinding of the teeth

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