Ch. 15 Psych 100B

A therapist who uses a variety of psychological theories and therapeutic methods is said to be using what kind of approach?

This form of treatment associates an unpleasant state (such as nausea) with an unwanted behaviour (such as drinking alcohol).
Aversive conditioning.

You recognize that depressed people do not exhibit the same self-serving bias common in non-depressed people. What is likely to be your theoretical orientation?
Cognitive therapist

What are some things that good therapies share in common?
Hope for demoralized people.

What is a statistical procedure for combining the results of many different research studies, as if the results had come from one huge study?

Beck’s therapy teaches people new and more adaptive ways of thinking and acting, and is based on the assumption that thoughts intervene between events and our emotional reactions. What is it called?
Cognitive therapy

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are likely to be treated with ______ therapy which acts directly on the patients nervous system.

Dr. Pimler is conducting a study on a new antipsychotic medication. In order to determine if the drug is effective, what should he do?
Use a double-bind technique.

In a residential treatment facility for troubled youth, adolescent children receive large coloured buttons when they hang up their clothes, make their beds, and come to meals on time. The children return the buttons to staff members to receive bedtime snacks or watch TV. This best illustrates an application of what method?
Operant conditioning

Which of the following is least likely to be effective in the treatment of depression?

Which of the following drugs is most likely to provide schizophrenia patients with some relief from their auditory hallucinations and paranoia?

During her weekly therapy sessions, Sabrina will often abruptly shift the focus of her attention and lose her train of thought. What would a psychoanalyst suggest that this illustrates?

Which of the following in an anti-anxiety agent?

Why is it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy?
Testimonials from former patients can be misleading.

In an eating disorders clinic, the patients receive merits for good eating behaviours such as finishing their meal, not exercising after their meal, and for appropriate behaviours on the unit. This best illustrates an application of what technique?
A token economy

Which of these is a behaviour therapy procedure that conditions new responses to a stimuli that originally triggered an unwanted behaviour?
Aversive conditioning

In what procedure do patients receive repeated pulses of magnetic energy to the brain, which can be used to stimulate activity in various areas of the brain?

To help Monica overcome her nearly irresistible craving for chocolate, a therapist provides her with a supply of chocolate candies that contain solidified droplets of harmless but very bitter-tasting substance. This treatment best illustrates what approach?
Aversive conditioning

When a patient in psychoanalysis begins to have feelings toward their therapist such as love or hatred and those feelings are linked to other relationships they have had or have, what are they experiencing?

Steffan recently suffered a traumatic experience and is now seeing a therapist on a regular basis. His therapist waves her finger in front of Steffan’s eyes while he imagines the traumatic scene. This type of therapy is known as what?

Aversive Conditioning and Operant Conditioning Techniques to treat Compulsive Habit Operant conditioning is the motivation of behavior wherein a certain person is motivated through the process of positive reinforcement. This conditioning could stop the compulsive smoking through its positive reinforcement …

Psychotherapy Treatment involving psychological techniques, consists of interactions between a trained therapist and someone seeking to overcome psychological difficulties or achieve personal growth Biomedical Therapy Prescribed medications or procedures that act directly on the person’s physiology WE WILL WRITE A …

mental health therapies that involve prescribed drugs or other procedures acting directly on a patients nervous system are biomedical therapies of all the twins who share identical genes with a schizophrenic victim, about ________ do not themselves develop schizophrenia one …

Psychotherapy The process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. Psychoterapist A trained therapist who uses psychological techniques to assist someone to overcome a psychological disorder or mental distress. Example: Systematic Desensitization – A behavioural technique whereby a person is …

A trained therapist who uses psychological techniques to assist someone to overcome excessive anxiety would generally be best described as a a. psychoanalyst. b. psychotherapist. c. psychopharmacologist. d. psychodynamic therapist. e. psychostructuralist. b. psychotherapist. Mental health therapies that involve prescribed …

Which of the following statements is false? b. someone suffering from depression will get better only with therapy or medication. The risk of major depression and bipolar disorder dramatically increases if you c. have a parent or sibling with the …

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