cdm 3000 unit 4

Which of the following “presents the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies–from the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe”?
The National Response Framework

Which level of emergency officials normally respond to the every-day emergencies which occur in communities throughout the United States?
Local officials, including firefighters, law enforcement, and EMTs

Development and maintenance of the community emergency response plan is normally the responsibility of which of the following officials?
Local emergency manager

Funding for state emergency management offices comes from which of the following?
both b and c

the principle resource available to state governors in responding to a disaster event in their state is which of the following?
the national guard

Which of the following is not part of the ICS management system?
The Response Section

The Incident Command System came into existence because:
Local, state, and federal agencies operating in California wanted better coordination during wildfire responses.

After a disaster, donations from interested communities, even those far from the disaster, will:
Often overwhelm local agencies, because unsolicited donations may not match community needs.

National coordinating group for faith groups and nonprofits actively engaged in disaster resonse.

Used to establish a set of planning and management systems that help responding agencies work together in a coordinated approach.

Nonprofits and faith groups who cooperate with governmental disaster agencies.

A grouping of responding organizations which perform similar functions and benefit from coordination

The ICS management organization responsible for all incident activities, including the safety of responders.

The ICS management organization responsible for tactical operations at the incident.

The ICS management organization responsible for providing personnel, equipment, and support to achieve incident objectives.

The ICS management organization responsible for payment of bills and managing contracts.

The first responders to an event almost always include FEMA officials.

The ICS management organization responsible for gathering information about the incident and creating the Incident Action Plan.

If a disaster is so large that it overwhelms the local capacity to respond, the local government can appeal directly to the President of the United States for a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

The National Response Framework includes private sector organizations, such as utilities and businesses.

The actions of local first responders are driven by procedures and protocols developed by the responding agency, coordinated by the local Emergency Operations Plan.

EMAC is a state-to-state mutual aid system.

Response capabilities and capacities tend to be weakest in those states and territories with high levels of annual disaster activity because of overuse.

Unified Command is an appropriate command type when a single agency is responding to an incident.

State emergency management agencies have no approved methods of interacting with NGOs and faith-based organizations who respond to disasters

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