Breast cancer

Tell me a little about your self.
Answer 1
My name is —— I am 69 years old. I am a widow and a mother of four. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. The second time I was diagnosed was in the 90’s I can’t remember how old I was. I am getting a lil old.

Question 2
How did you find out you had breast cancer?
Answer 2
Your grandpa and me went to a new years eve party and while we were there my arm pit was hurting. When we returned home I took a look at it an there was a medium size lump under my right arm pit. I couldn’t go to the doctor until the second of January. When I was there they looked at it and sent me straight to UAB. While there we talked about my options I decided to have a mastectomy.

Then after they were done I went through chemo. The medicine I took was tamoxine. The second time I found out I had breast cancer was in the 90’s. I went in for a mammogram and while there they said they found I small lump and so they did a wire biopsy to see what it was. They said it was cancer. We talked about my options again but I decided to go ahead and have another mastectomy. So I had a double mastectomy.

Question 3
Do you have a family history of breast cancer?
Answer 3
My aunt on my dad side of the family died from breast cancer. Others in my family had different types of cancer. My sister had lung cancer.

Question 4
Do you remember how you and your family reacted the day you were diagnosed?
Answer 4
The first time I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. My kids were young so they didn’t really understand. The second time my sons didn’t really react to it. But everyone in my family was there with open arms and loving and supporting. They would tell me that they were scared I was gonna croke. Now they tell me I’m to old to die. Ironic huh.

Question 5
You had to make tough decisions regarding the care you received. Where did you turn for advice? Answer 5
What route to take and what medicines to use and the second time I just didn’t wanna loose my only breast I had left. I turned to no one for advice because I was hard headed and stubborn back then.

Question 6
What was your life like during you treatments?
Answer 6
I still went to work. I took my chemo pill in the mornings and would head out. I was very tired and sore and achy. But I had to live life like nothing was wrong. the second time my second husband Larry helped me through it also.

Question 7
Have your doctors given you any diagnosis for the future?
Answer 7
Didn’t really say anything to me. I went to the oncologist regularly and the said that my WBC count was ok and I was doing great. And they didn’t think I would get it again after the second time.

Question 8
Did the threat of recurrence threaten your life?
Answer 8
No. I have had it twice now and I can’t sit around worrying. I have to keep getting check ups regularly. Every year I have a wellness check.

Question 9
How do you stay positive through tough times?
Answer 9
I never give up. Like I said earlier I have to live my life like nothing is wrong because if you worry bout things it makes it ten times harder.

Question 10
What are the messages of hope you would give others who had or have cancer? Answer 10
Never give up. Always have a positive attitude about things. Keep fighting no matter what because once you give up it’s the end for you. Like I said the most important is to always, and I mean always no matter what to have a positive attitude.

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