Brady Emergency Care 12th Edition Chapter 1 Introduction to Emergency Care

authorized by a medical director to give medications and provide emergency care. The transfer of such authorization is an extension of the Medical Director’s license to practice medicine.
Designated Agent

description of medical techniques or practices that are supported by scientific evidence of their safety and efficiency rather than merely by supposition and tradition.

the oversight of the patient care aspects of an EMS system by the Medical Director.
Medical Direction

consists of standing orders issued by the Medical Director that allow EMTs to give certain medications or perform certain procedures without speaking to a Medical Director or other Physician.
Off-Line Medical Direction

consists of standing orders given directly by the on duty physician to an EMT in the field by radio or telephone.
On-Line Medical Direction

a physician who assumes ultimate responsibility for the patient care aspects of the EMS system.
Medical Director

a system for telephone assess to report emergencies. A dispatcher takes the information and alerts EMS or the fire or police departments as needed.
911 system

has the additional capability of automatically identifying the caller’s phone number and location.
Enhanced 911

the long-term survival of patients.
Patient Outcomes

list of steps, such as assessments and interventions, to be taken in different situations, developed bu the Medical Director.

a process of continuous self-review with the purpose of identifying and correcting aspects of the system that require improvement.
Quality Improvement

a policy issued by a Medical Director that authorizes EMTs to perform particular skills in certain situations.
Standing Orders

The earliest documented emergency medical service was in what country and what year?
France in the 1790’s

In 1966, the ______ charged the United States ______with developing EMS standards.
National Highway Safety Act; Department of Transportation

Name 6 types of specialty hospitals
Cardiac Center
Burn Center
Trauma Center
Poison Control Center
Pediatric Center
Stroke Center

Name the 4 levels of EMS certification
Emergency Medical Responder
Advanced EMT

What does patient advocacy mean?
speaking up for the patient

What is a bad personal habit that can contaminate the patient’s wounds?

Is glucose on-line or off-line medical direction?
off-line, EMTs are allowed to give glucose

Is aspirin on-line or off-line medical direction?
on-line, EMTs need a doctor’s permission to give aspirin

EMS practices and patient care were based on tradition but they are now based on __________.

What are 2 examples of the EMTs role in public health?
1) Injury prevention for geriatric patients

2) campaigns to reduce tobacco use

The concept in which an EMT synthesizes information from the scene, the patient assessment, and other sources to make appropriate decisions is
critical decision making

deadly disease, for which there is no vaccine, that infects many EMS providers is:
hepatitis B

appropriate respiratory protection to be worn when tuberculosis is suspected in a patient is a(n):
N95 or HEPA respirator.

A critical incident stress debriefing is usually held within _____ hours of a critical incident.

At a hazardous materials incident, an EMT should provide basic emergency care only after the patient has been:

Using a(n) _______________-based cleaner is an acceptable method for washing your hands when traditional soap and water are not available.

Eye protection should be worn when _______.
fluids may spray or splatter.

Body mechanics The proper use of the body to faciliate lifting and moving to prevent injury Power lift A lift from a squatting position with weight to be lifted close to the body, feet apart and flat on the ground, …

Emergency medical care has developed from the days when the local funeral home provided ambulance service to the current, modern emergency medical services (EMS) system. Major improvements in emergency medical care over the years include all of the following EXCEPT: …

What is the “first and foremost” essential first aid factor? Get proper first aid training. Which of the following is true of emergency care? The outcome of emergency care depends on a variety of factors. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM …

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) respiratory disorder characterized by respiratory insufficiency that may occur as a result of trauma, pneumonia, oxygen toxicity, gram-negative sepsis, and systemic inflammatory response. Aerosolized agents group of aerosol drugs for pulmonary applications that includes adrenergic, …

Root Cause Analysis It is important to evaluate all aspects of the sentinel event as well as the events that led up to Mr. Bs death. The questions that follow are pertinent because they set up a scenario with valid …

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