Bipolar Disorder: I Feel Lost and Alone

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Don’t turn away yet, consider something. Astrology is defined as the study of human interactions with respect to the stars. The term Bipolar Disorder specifies a condition in which a person flip-flops between two opposite moods (Mania and Depression) erratically and/or quickly. I’ve always felt moved by the stars and taken by the earth, unable to make up my mind about anything I want, I gather reason in sadness and request the logic in happiness. Unfortunately, it is these two aspects of myself that throw me into a vat of constant aggravation and turmoil.

Truth is, I believe i’m always lost and always alone, but I never feel like I don’t know where I am, nor do I look around and see no one.

You see it is the me within myself that resists that urge to change, yet wants to change so badly that the desire could suffocate the soul. I recently revisited my sign in the zodiac and was reminded of why I seem to be two completely different people in one. You must have already guessed, but I am Pisces, represented by two fishes, each swimming in opposite directions.

So further intrigued by the idea of astrology and mental disorders, I dove headfirst into the solution, and not the problem. That must be our focus; not to say that because I am this sign, I am prone such behaviors but to respect our tendencies, honor our abilities, and accept our differences.


Are you still here? Okay good, keep reading. There are four signs in the zodiac that fall between seasons and thus take from each corresponding months. Known as mutable signs, each moves between two opposing forces, creating a constant push and pull that can leave a person weakened.

“The moveable (cardinal) signs are so-called […] because at the time when the Sun enters them the disposition of the air is changed […] The common signs are so-called because when the Sun enters any of these signs it makes the time common, neither truly fixed nor truly movable, but it partakes of both, fixed and moveable. Whence part of that time it is of one [nature] and part of the other […] when [the Sun] leaves Leo and enters Virgo, then the season is changed, and is made partly summer and partly autumnal.” – Guido Bonatti

As do the seasons change, so do we become displaced in our emotions when our environment triggers the manic fussy, blindly optimistic, superficial and careless escapists in us. It is in our nature to be the cure, as well as the ailment, but we will always have an impact. That has becoming a harrowing detail in my life so far, that an aim to retract the “issues” that plague me still encroaches on the comfort of the people around me.

BD “diagnosis is based on the self-reported experiences of an individual as well as abnormalities in behavior reported by family members, friends or co-workers, followed by secondary signs observed by a psychiatrist,nurse, social worker, clinical psychologist or other clinician in a clinical assessment.” – Wikipedia


Change is inevitable right? That’s the un-pronounced advantage of being Bipolar. This disorder just may leave you feeling lost and alone many times, but you can seek asylum in the knowledge that you are the change. You are the occurrence, the motion, the rising of the symphony that falls with a crescendo and gets a standing ovation!

While others might reel in the face of earth’s shift, you already know the movements caused by the imbalances of BD. This familiarity keeps you constantly moving, makes you the significant variable that will respond favorable with the right control. Now, we’ve reached a solution! A result! Something almost incomprehensible with such a diagnosis!

Some Problem/Solution Examples Courtesy of Michael Thieseen

6123441_f120I apologize for ending so abruptly. I had posted some of Michael Thieseen’s problems with solutions but that would be copyright infringement even if I directed all credit to him. Do check out his website though! Very helpful.

Also, more research into noteworthy and applicable solutions coming soon!!

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