Biology of Human Sexuality: Chapter 11

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LaVerne wants to use the most convenient method of contraception, one that she won’t have to think about when she is having sex. She also wants a low risk of side effects and the ability to get pregnant quickly once she stops using it. She should use:
an IUD.

Carol’s gynecologist has suggested she use a fertility awareness-based method of contraception. Because she has irregular menstrual cycles, Carol should use the:
basal body temperature method.

Which of the following forms of contraception helps prevent the spread of STIs?

Traditionally, contraception has been the responsibility of:
the woman.

Health risks from use of oral contraceptives increase if the woman:

Which of these single females is least likely to use some method of birth control when she is having sexual intercourse?
Tiffany, who is 15

If Maria doesn’t want to get pregnant, her most important concern when choosing a method of contraception will be its:

Leticia and Caesar have been engaging in sex for the past year without the use of contraception. What are the chances that Leticia will soon become pregnant?

Kendra is having the medical abortion procedure RU-486. This means that she will terminate her pregnancy using:
the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol.

The oldest and most reliable form of birth control is:

Which of the following is NOT an argument in support of the pro-choice side of the abortion?
Because of the risks inherent in giving birth, women should be allowed to terminate their pregnancies at any point during gestation.

Latex condoms should only be used with:
Water-based lubricants.

John had a vasectomy three weeks ago. This means that he:
should use other birth control until his semen has been checked and shows no viable sperm.

How does a diaphragm with spermicide work?
It kills sperm and prevents it from entering the uterus through the cervix.

Cassandra is investigating sterilization techniques. She is likely to learn that:
although laparoscopy is the most frequently used method, all of the techniques are equally as effective.

Depo-Provera provides contraceptive coverage for up to one year.

RU-486 is different from emergency contraception.

Withdrawal is a reliable method of birth control.

Condoms are effective in preventing transmission of all STIs.

The most important factor in a woman’s choice of a method of contraception is its effectiveness.

Women are more likely to contract an STI from intercourse with a male partner than vice versa.

Within a week after a man has a vasectomy, he and his partner can safely assume that he can no longer get her pregnant.

“The pill” is the most popular form of reversible contraception in the United States.

Smoking is a risk factor for women who use oral contraceptives.

After the Clinton administration changed the laws to provide greater access to, information about, and support for women seeking abortions, the abortion rate decreased in the United States.

Intercourse on the day of ovulation without contraception results in a chance of pregnancy of about

A similarity between the FemCap and the diaphragm is both
are defined as barrier methods.

What is done surgically in a vasectomy?
each vas deferens is cut and tied

Which of the following is NOT a positive outcome resulting from oral contraceptive use?
The pill prevents the development of age spots on the skin.

In addition to the avoidance of pregnancy, an advantage of abstinence is that it
lets partners get to know and trust one other before greater intimacy.

All of the following are barrier methods of birth control EXCEPT the

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using the diaphragm?
It maintains high user effectiveness even without added spermicide.

The primary effect of a barrier method of birth control is to
keep the sperm and egg apart.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of oral contraceptive use?
increased hair growth

Which of the following is NOT a problem associated with the use of oral contraceptives?
decreased bone mass

The actual effectiveness of the contraceptive ring is ___%; the typical rate is ___%.
99; 92

Those who believe abortion should be prohibited generally label themselves as

Which of the following is NOT a problem associated with the use of the IUD?
frequent painful checks required after insertion

In the United States, what percentage of unintended pregnancies is terminated by abortion?

When using a male condom, a half-inch space should be left at the tip.

Oral contraceptives work in all of the following ways EXCEPT
causing spontaneous abortion if there was fertilization.

All of the following are true of female sterilization EXCEPT
it hastens the onset of menopause.

In order to keep her date spontaneous and romantic, Lisa inserts her diaphragm and spermicide before she leaves work at 5 p.m. After cocktails, dinner, and dancing, they go to her date’s apartment and begin lovemaking at about midnight. Is this safe in terms of preventing pregnancy?
No, a diaphragm is only effective for up to 6 hours after insertion with spermicide.

Approximately one-third of all abortions are spontaneous abortions.

Overall, what is the chance of a woman becoming pregnant if she has intercourse without contraception?

Nonoxynol-9 is effective for preventing many STIs including HIV.

Spermicides are available in all of the following forms EXCEPT

Animal membrane condoms provide greater protection against sexually transmitted diseases than latex or polyurethane condoms.

EC is a surgical procedure to remove the contents of the uterus within 48 hours after impregnation.

A recent trend in Americans’ use of condoms has been
that nearly half of male condoms are purchased by women.

One of the primary advantages of the female condom is that it
covers more of the partners’ genital areas.

On average, a woman has about a 25% chance of becoming pregnant following a single act of intercourse without contraception.

Once a woman stops taking the pill, her menstrual cycle will usually resume
the next month.

The only 100% reliable method of birth control in terms of preventing STIs is
No method is 100% effective in preventing STIs.

Condom failure typically results from defects in the manufacturing process.

The contraceptive patch has come under scrutiny because it exposes women to higher levels of estrogen than most oral contraceptives.

A warning all diaphragm wearers should be aware of is
never to leave a diaphragm in more than 24 hours.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of condom use?
total protection from STIs

Recent studies suggest that men commonly experience all of the following emotions surrounding the abortion decision EXCEPT

How does a diaphragm work?
It keeps sperm out of the uterus.

Oral contraceptives containing estrogen are generally contraindicated for all of the following EXCEPT
women with several children.

Women using the contraceptive patch will wear one patch of each of three consecutive weeks, followed by one week without a patch.

A disadvantage of the oral contraceptive is
its lack of protection against STIs.

Those who use birth control most consistently are those who
communicate explicitly about it.

If a woman has a somewhat irregular menstrual cycle, why is she ill-advised to use the rhythm method?
It is impossible to calculate when ovulation occurs, and therefore impossible to determine which days are “safe.”

The IUD is positioned in the

If a woman misses one of her pills, she should
take one as soon as she remembers and the next on schedule.

Celibacy implies avoidance of all forms of sexual activity.

Which of the following is TRUE of a woman who has had an abortion?
Women have many diverse reasons for getting abortions.

In a culpotomy, the fallopian tubes are cut and tied through an incision made at the edge of the navel.

One major difference between the male condom and the female condom is that the
female condom affords greater protection of both partners’ external genitals.

Which of the following is manufactured under the brand name Reality?
female condom

Women who _______________________ may be at a slightly higher risk of pregnancy than other women if they use the contraceptive patch.
weigh over 198 pounds

If a woman cannot take oral contraceptives containing estrogen, she will probably be advised to
use a progestin-only minipill.

The most important consideration when choosing a contraceptive method for yourself is the
method you will use consistently and correctly.

If a woman is using a barrier contraceptive technique, one of the methods she is using could be a(n)
cervical cap.

Oral contraceptives induce the female body into a chemical state resembling pregnancy.

Which of these is NOT a barrier method?

In a vasectomy, the prostate gland is disconnected from the ejaculatory duct.

Which of the following is NOT a function of contraception?
causing the uterus to expel an embryo

The most popular technique of reversible contraception among American women is the

The 1973 Supreme Court decision that upheld a woman’s right to abortion was
Roe v. Wade.

Which of the following is NOT a hormonal method of contraception?

How many sexually active men aged 15-19 reported using condoms 100% of the time during the previous year?
fewer than half

Any device that prevents the sperm and egg from uniting is a
barrier method.

Which of the following is FALSE in regard to Depo-Provera?
It is given every 6 to 8 months.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of DMPA?
a decrease in bone density

What is the most common cause of spontaneous abortions?
breakdown of conditions in the uterus

The oldest and most reliable form of contraception is

Which of the following statements about first-trimester abortions is FALSE?
First-trimester abortions are procedures that are more difficult to perform.

The female condom works by
creating a barrier between sperm and cervix.

The vaginal ring is inserted into the vagina and must stay in place for seven days.

During tubal ligation, a laparoscopy is used to make an incision
at the edge of the navel.

The chief reason for low user effectiveness of the condom is
the timing for putting it on.

Women don’t need to have monthly periods.

Regarding responsibility for birth control, the majority of
men believe that a man has the same responsibilities as a woman for contraception.

Implants such as Implanon work by releasing a type of estrogen into the blood stream.

The combination of the ovulation method with the basal body temperature method is called the
symptothermal method.

Which of the following contraceptive methods should NOT be left in the woman’s body for a period of time following intercourse?
a condom

Which of the following statements about Implanon is TRUE?
It is one of the most effective contraceptives.

Mieko and James had unprotected sex the day before Mieko ovulated. What is the likelihood that Mieko became pregnant?

The key constitutional issue that enters the abortion debate is
the right to privacy.

Michelle and Aiden had unprotected sex last night. If we know nothing about the timing of Michelle’s menstrual cycle, what is the overall chance that Michelle is pregnant?

Most likely, a woman who desires to terminate her pregnancy at the eighth week will undergo a
vacuum aspiration.

Which of the following is NOT an obstacle to the development of safer, more effective methods of contraception?
short-term drug patents

Over the period of a year, heterosexual couples who have intercourse and do not use contraception have a __________% chance of becoming pregnant.

The IUD works
by preventing fertilization in several ways.

When making a birth control choice, a person should consider all of the following EXCEPT
the methods used by their peers.

How soon after unprotected intercourse should a high-dose hormone emergency contraception pill be administered?
120 hours

Hormonal implants for purposes of birth control must be removed and replaced every year.

Having tracked her daily temperature for several months now, a woman notices that at one point in her cycle, her temperature dips and then rises as much as a degree. What is she attempting to identify?
the point at which ovulation occurs

Which of the following is NOT a health risk associated with taking birth control pills?

The FemCap is placed snugly over the cervix.

A severe but small risk associated with use of a diaphragm or a cervical cap is
toxic shock syndrome.

Women can start using oral contraceptives on the same day she receives her prescription if she uses the “Quick Start” method.

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