Basic EMT Fall Session Chapter 1

What type of medical direction do standing orders and protocols describe?
A. off-line Correct

Cardiac monitoring, pharmacological interventions, and other advanced treatment skills are functions of the:
C. paramedic

Obtaining continuing medical education is the responsibility of the:
C. individual EMT

Continuing education in EMS serves to:
D. maintain, update, and expand your knowledge and skills.

The continuous quality improvement (CQI) process is designed to:
C. identify areas of improvement and provide remedial training if needed.

Which of the following statements regarding the EMS medical director and an EMT’s scope of practice is correct?
D. An EMT’s scope of practice may be expanded by the medical director after proper training and state approval.

Which of the following scenarios does NOT involve the administration of ALS?
A. a 64-year-old cardiac arrest patient who is defibrillated with an automated external defibrillator (AED)

The person who is responsible for authorizing EMTs to perform emergency medical care in the field is the:
B. medical director.

Which of the following is a unique function of the emergency medical dispatcher (EMD)?
B. providing callers with life-saving instructions

The criteria to be licensed and employed as an EMT include:
C. proof of immunization against certain communicable diseases.

authorized by a medical director to give medications and provide emergency care. The transfer of such authorization is an extension of the Medical Director’s license to practice medicine. Designated Agent description of medical techniques or practices that are supported by …

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