ATR Exam #4

The body’s most efficient source of energy is from what food group?

What consideration should the pre-event meal do?
Take into consideration the digestibility of food

All of the following are a function of protein except for which of the following?
Their use as an energy source

Which of the following are fat-soluble vitamins?
A, D, E, K

What are the basic units that make up proteins?
Amino acids

Which of the following statements about vitamins is NOT true?
Vitamins can be broken down by the body to use for energy

What is portion of a persons’ total body weight called that is composed of muscles, tendons, bones, and connective tissue?
Lean Body Weight

During a weight-loss program, how many pounds should be lost per week?
1 to 2

Body fat percentages should not go below what values ___________ for males and __________ for females??
5%; 12%

Which of the following is an incorrect type of heat loss by the body?

Which of the following is the most effective means for the body to dissipate heat when the temperature and radiant heat of the environment are higher than the body temperature?

What is the heat disorder that is caused by prolonged sweating, diarrhea, and inadequate replacement of body fluid losses?
Heat exhaustion

What condition is indicative of an absence of sweating with hot, flushed, dry skin?
Heat Stroke

In giving emergency treatment for a heat stroke victim, what is the most important directive?
Lowering the body temperature with ice tub immersion and transporting the victim to the hospital via ambulance

If you are out on the soccer practice field and you see lightning that strikes within 6 miles, what should you do?
Stop the activity and seek shelter

If the flash to bang is 15 seconds, lightning is occurring how far away?
3 miles

What is a psychrometer used to determine?

What is medical term for athlete’s foot?
Tinea Pedis

An acute seasonal allergic condition that results from airborne pollens is known as what?
Hay Fever

Which of the following is NOT a part of management during a seizure?
Restrain the athlete so he/she does not hurt himself/herself

The female athletic triad includes all of the following except for which condition?

A blood pressure reading of 120-139 mmhg/80-89 mmhg is characteristic of what conditional status?

An athlete who presents with symptoms of a high fever, stiff neck, photophobia, intense headache, and sensitivity to sound may be suffering from what condition?

A metered dose inhaler is used to treat which of the following conditions?
Execise indused asthma

When a storm is near and a person’s hair stands on end, what should be done?
Drop to the ground and assume a crouched position

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