ATI Pharmacology – The Immune System

Types of Cancer
– Carcinomas: epithelial tissue: skin and mucous membranes that line lungs and GI tract
– Sarcomas: connective tissue: muscle, bone, cartilage
– Leukemias: blood-forming tissue: bone marrow
– Lymphomas: immune system

Reproductive Cycle of a Cell
G1: cell prepares for DNA synthesis
S: cell synthesizes DNA
G2: cell prepares for mitosis
M: mitosis occurs
G0: resting state
Growth fraction: ratio of dividing cells to resting cells

– Kills CD4 T cell lymphocytes: attaches to these cells easily due to their structure
– Retrovirus
– HIV 1 vs. HIV 2

Vaccinations – Birth Through 6 years of age
– Hep A and B – PCV
– RV – Influenza
– DTap – MMR
– Hib – Varicella

Vaccinations – Age 7 through 18 years of age
– Tdap
– MCV4
– Influenza (yearly)

Vaccinations – Adult and Older Adult
– Recommendation are provided by CDC
– influenza (annually)
– Tetanus and diptheria: every 10 years
– Pneumococcal
– Hep A and B
– HPV: young females
– Varicella
– Herpes zoster (shingles)

Drug Therapy for Cancer (9 categories)
– Antimetabolites
– Alkylating agents
– Platinum compunds
– Antitumor antibiotics
– Antimitotics
– Topoisomerase inhibitors
– Hormonal agents
– Biologic response modifiers
– Targeted antineoplastic drugs

– Folic acid analog
– Pyrimidine analog
– Purine analog

Alkylating Agents
– Nitrogen mustards
– Nitrosoureas

Platinum compounds

Prototype: cisplatin

– use in combination with other chemotherapy agents to treat metastatic testicular or ovarian cancer

Antitumor Antibiotics
– only treat infection, not cancer
– Anthracyclines
– Nonanthracyclines

When caring for a patient who is receiving vincristine to treat lung cancer, the HCP should monitor for which of the following findings that indicates an adverse effect?
Weak hand grasps

A HCP is about to administer enfuvirtide (Fuzeon) to a patient. The HCP should perform which of the following actions?
– Administer the drug SubQ
– Roll the vial gently to reconstitute the solution
– Inject the solution at room temperature

A HCP should understand that raltegravir (Isentress) treats patients who have which of the following?
Resistant HIV disease

While assessing a patient who is receiving interfreon alfa-2a (Roferon-A) to treat Kaposi’s sarcoma, the HCP should check for which of the following possible indications of an adverse reaction?

When caring for a patient who is receiving vincristine to treat lung cancer, the health care professional should monitor for which of the following findings that indicates an adverse effect? Weak hand grasps A health care professional is about to …

Natural Immunity • Present at birth • Protection provided by physical barriers: • Skin, mucus membranes • Phagocytic cells • NK cells Specific Acquired Immunity • Production of antibodies against antigens Active: • Having the infection or a vaccine / …

Life Cycle of a RetroVirus 1. Virus binds to CD4-T cell -Fusion to lipid membrane -Tightens by coreceptors CCR5/CXCR4 -Virus enters CD4-T cell -Reverse transcriptase converts HIV RNA to HIV DNA 2. Enzyme integrase combines HIV DNA with the cells …

Anethetists often administer midazolam (Versed) during induction of anesthesia because of which of the pharmacologic actions? causes amnesia adverse effects, carbamazepine (Tegretol)? a) begin taking the drug at a low dosage Adverse effects: visual distrubances, vertigo, and ataxia can result …

Atineoplastic Against new tissue formation Cytotoxic Destructive to cells WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample Immunosuppressive Decrease the production of antibodies Palliative Alleviation of symptoms Proliferating Reproducing …

Introduction Regular cells and cancel cells are extremely different. Depending on the cancer that one may have cancer cells have more chromosomes that are scattered which is for why cancer cells are formed. In cell division all living things obtain …

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