Ati pharmacology practice exam

Teaching for Phenytoin
Let my dentist know because commonly causes gingival hyperplasia

Infused something incorrectly
Document amount given how long it infused for and the clients physical status

Donepezil for Alzheimers side effect
Dyspnea from bronchoconstriction caused by elevated acetylcholine levels

Verapamil teaching
Cal channel blocker, treats cardiac dysrhythmias can cause orthostatic hypotension and dizziness change position slowly. Palpitations are expected , take with food

Allergic reaction
Parenteral epinephrine

Terol ending indicates bronchodilator like albuterol, will improve breathing

Oxybutyin for urinary incontinence
For urinary incontinence, anticholinergic- causes dry mouth, blurred vision, photophobia

Acetazolamode for glaucoma
Can cause tingling in fingers

When amoxicillin causes uriticaria
Uriticaria a rash, change type of antibiotics

Neostigmine for myasthenia gravis
Nausea is an adverse effect

Warfarin/coumadin antidote
Vitamin k

Taking aspirin can cause
Salicylate poisoning, early signs are hyperventilating

Valproic acid monitor for
Liver toxicity, monitor for s/s like jaundice

Benztropine monitor for
Cardiac , anticholinergic can cause tachycardia due to parasympathetic blockade of the heart

Can be ototoxic hold if signs of tinnitus

Four part tuberculosis treatment
Isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, ethambutol

Why use four meds to treat tb
TB becomes resistant to medication, helps determine sensitivity of the organisms

Ferrous sulfate teaching
Take on an empty stomach. To boost absorption. Pt may take it with food to help with gi upset initially then taper off food to eventually an empty stomach

Mannitol for angle closer in glaucoma
Greatest risk is for heart failure, report peripheral edema to provider

Tordol, nsaid

Blood pressure

Sodium polystyrene sulfate
Decreases pt potassium levels in hyperkalemia

Doxycycline antibiotic
Tetracycline antibiotic, not safe for pregnancy due to adverse effects on developing bones and teeth

Pt is in pain after returning from the PACU what do you do first
Check the PACU record to see if meds were given recently

Magnesium sulfate for preterm labor
Signs of magnesium toxicity are cns depression- low bp decreased loc

Pt with sever penicillin allergy
Caution don’t use cephalosporin antibiotics because of cross sensitivity- ie:ceftazidime

What medication interferes with the effectiveness of oral bc
Carbamazepine. Antibiotics seizure meds

Tamoxifen for breast Cancer
Can cause menstrual irregularities hot flashes and bruising

Eopoetin alfa for anemia
If the pt hematocrit level rises to quickly hypertension and seizures can result

Fluxetine for depression
Fluxetine suppresses platelets avoid NSAID

Diabetic patient feels nauseous and light headed after insulin
Check clients blood sugar levels

Insulin glargine
Once a day, do not mix with other insulins

Haloperidol adverse effects
Eps, like akathisia

Can cause cdiff associated diarrhea report watery diarrhea to provider

Candidiasis – yeast infection
Give fluconazole- an antifungal

Methotrexate is an immunosuppressant
Monitor for signs of infection like fever

Can cause sedation and cns effects

Fluticasone propionate for asthma
Use a spacer and rinse mouth out to reduce amount left in mouth. Corticosteroid can cause yeast in mouth

Thyroid stimulating hormone level should be
This test is best test to determine thyroid activity

Oprelvekin for management of effects of chemo
Thrombopoietic agent platelet count should be near 350,000

Digoxin instructions
Report yellow hallo vision , sign of toxicity

Calcium channel blockers
Can cause pedal edema

Anticoagulants can cause
Bruising bleeding

Ace inhibitors can cause
A dry cough

Sucralfate for PUD
Forms a gel like barrier over the ulcer protecting it from hydrochloric acid

Formula for med calculations
Desired/have *quantity

Station can cause injuries to progress to myositis creatinine kinase levels rise in response to enzymes released with muscle injuries

Chlordiazepoxide for alcoholic withdrawal
To prevent delerium tremens

A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a prescription for trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily A nurse at an urgent care …

Client is starting to take hydrocodone with acetaminophen tablets for pain. What information should be included? Tablets should not be crushed or chewed A nurse is preparing to administer ciprofloxacin 15mg/kg PO every 12 hours to a child who weighs …

The nurse opts to attend a seminar on the use of information and technology to communicate. Which QSEN competency does this action reflect? Informatics The nurse is preparing to review a patient’s medication history. Which information is most important when …

Patient teaching: Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Drink 8-10 oz of water daily. -Abx for tx of UTI. Contraindication: Ciprofloxacin Tendonitis, diarrhea -Abx, class: quinolone WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample …

A patient is taking two prescription medications that both cause bradycardia. The nurse should monitor the patient for which type of effect? A. An increased therapeutic effect B. An increased adverse effect C. A reduced therapeutic effect D. A reduced …

Tablets should not be crushed or chewed Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone to prevent increase in CNS effects. Muscular Degeneration Patient loses central vision making it hard to draw up insulin WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY …

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