Ati pharmacology final practice quiz

What is the side effect of lorazepam or Ativan

The nurse should instruct the patient taking clonidine or Catapress
Change position slowly

cyclosporine or Sandimune Will be taken by the patient for how long
For the rest of his life due to renal transplant

Nifedipine or Adalat function is
Inhibit uterine contraction by blocking calcium channels

Furosemide can cause this

Pepto-Bismol has this action

What is the generic name of Pepto-Bismol

What is the adverse effect of spironolactone

What is the disadvantage of buspirone Buspar compared to diazepam
Delayed onset of action

What is the function of epoetin alfa
Treat anemia by stimulating RBC production

Rifampin will cause this
Will turn all body fluids orange red, harmless

Heparin should be injected in this route
Subcutaneous abdomen

Does cromolyn sodium has fast or slow onset
Slow onset

Cromolyn sodium is used to treat

Lactulose is used to
Reduce ammonia level

What is the generic name for cephulac

Metoclopramide is Contra indicated for a patient who have this
Intestinal obstruction

What is the trade name for metoclopramide

What is the adverse effect of gentamicin sulfate

Tamoxifen action is

Tamoxifen is used to treat
Breast cancer

What medication is anticipated after construction stress test or CST

What medication is given to stop preterm labor

What medication is given to promote lung development in antepartum

What medication is given to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn

Ergotamine tartrate Or Ergomar is used to treat
Migraine headaches

A child is prescribed valproic acid what lab test will be performed in two weeks
platelet count

What medication is used To treat the side effects of hydrochloride Thorazine
Amantadine Or Symmetrel

Deltasone therapy is high-risk for
Stress fractures

Prednisone or Deltasone Side effects are
Hyper natremia
Weight gain

What precaution should we have for patient that uses Plavix
Bleeding precaution

Rocephin cannot be used with this medication
Piperacillin sodium

Atropine or Lomotil have high risk of
Toxic megacolon

A nurse is caring for an infant who is fed expressed breast milk. The infant drank 2 oz of breast milk at 0800, 3 oz at 1100, and 2.5 oz 1300. Which of the following should the nurse record on …

Please answer the following case study questions using the knowledge gained in this course. Remember to cite your references in APA format. Answer the questions in complete sentences and spell-check your Assignment. Each question is worth 4 points. Case 1 …

Following the administration of sublingual nitroglycerin to a client experiencing an acute anginal attack, which assessment finding indicates to the nurse that the desired effect has been achieved? Client states chest pain is relieved. Following heparin treatment for a pulmonary …

Question 1 The patient should be asked if they have a family history of any disease such as heart disease, cancer or chronic illness. Also ask what kind of medicine they are currently taking . Question 2 Ask what color …

An emergency department triage nurse is interviewing a female client who has a history of epilepsy with tonic-clonic seizures controlled by penguin (Dilantin). Which information is most significant in planning this client’s care? C. she ran out of her medication …

Client is starting to take hydrocodone with acetaminophen tablets for pain. What information should be included? Tablets should not be crushed or chewed A nurse is preparing to administer ciprofloxacin 15mg/kg PO every 12 hours to a child who weighs …

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