ATI Med-Surg: Immune

Education program about testicular cancer
Examine testicles immediately after showering

Viral Pneumonia with history of COPD
Report left shift in WBC differential

Wear gloves when it’s cold – RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME (painful vasoconstrction in fingers with cold temps)


Hepatitis B
Unprotected sex is a risk factor

HYPERACUTE kidney transplant rejection
The organ will need to be REMOVED

CHRONIC Rejection
Immunosuppressive therapy to prevent

RA with persistent pain
Ask family members to help with household chores – rest periods

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Reed-Sternberg cells

Amoxicillin for respiratory infection
Birth control pills are LESS EFFECTIVE

Priority finding – erythema at IV site

External Radiation
Avoid direct sun exposure

Skin change to report
Asymmetrical papule that is pigmented

Lyme Disease
See Dr if you develop JOINT PAIN/STIFFNESS; Flu-like S/S, “BULL’S EYE RASH”

Discard beverages that have been unfridgerated for 1 hr – risk of bacterial contamination/infection

WBC 21,000

Confirms bacterial pharyngitis
Throat culture

Risk of skin cancer
Light skin pigmentation

Elevated PSA level
Will undergo a DRE

RA and new prescription for Methotrexate
Avoid crowds – decreases WBC and platelets; increases risk of infection

Bone marrow suppression
Avoid eating fresh fruits and veggies

Breast Exam
Report breast tissue with an orange-peel appearance

HIV that progressed to AIDS

Risk for Pneumonia
Older adult transferred from long-term care who has dysphagia

HPV vaccine
3 doses given starting at age 11-12


HIV therapy effective
Decreased viral load

Allergy to peanuts
Carry an emergency anaphylaxis kit

No school-aged children

PAP Test
Tests for Cervical Cancer

Leukemia and low Platelet count
Test urine and stool for occult blood

A nurse is planning an education program about testicular cancer for a group of male adolescents. Which of the following information should the nurse include? A. Testicular cancer is more common in men older than 65. B. With early treatment, …

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