ATI Ambulation, Transferring, and Range of Motion

A nurse is performing a physical assessment on a patient and instructs the patient to stand with his feet and arms at his sides. The purpose of positioning the patient in this manner is to test what?
-This maneuver, the Romberg test, assesses balance. The nurse watches for swaying and stands near the patient to protect him from falling.

A nurse is about to transfer a patient who has a weak left leg to a chair. Which action should the nurse take to demonstrate correct transfer technique?
Aligning the nurse’s knees with the patient’s knees just before the transfer.
-This is a correct strategy that helps the nurse safely stabilize the patient while moving to a standing position.

A nurse is observing an assistive personnel (AP) who is using a mechanical lift with a hammock sling to transfer a patient from the bed to a chair. The nurse should intervene if the AP…
leaves the bed in the lowest position throughout the procedure.
-The bed should be raised to its highest position in order to prevent injury to nursing staff and to properly position the lift under the patient’s bed.

A nurse in the emergency department is caring for a patient who has a knee injury. The patient will be discharged and will be using a pair of axillary crutches for the first time. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include when discharging this patient?
Hold the crutches on the unaffected side when preparing to sit in a chair.
-The crutches should be fitted so that the patient’s arms are flexed about 30 degrees at the elbows when holding onto the hand grips.

A nurse stands facing a patient to demonstrate active range-of-motion exercises. Which of the following should the nurse do when demonstrating hyperextension of the hip?
Move the leg behind the body.
-This movement demonstrates hyperextension of the hip.

As a nurse ambulates an unsteady patient, the patient becomes light-headed and begins to fall. Which of the following interventions by the nurse is appropriate in this situation?
Extend one leg and allow the patient to slide down it.
-The nurse should concentrate on protecting the patient’s head from injury during a fall.

A nurse is caring for a hospitalized patient who is performing active range-of-motion exercises. Which of the following body movements should indicate to the nurse that the patient has full range of motion of the shoulder?
Flexing the shoulder by raising the arm from a side position to a 180 degree angle.
-This demonstrates full range of motion of the shoulder. The patient’s fingers would be pointing directly upward.

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