The experience of American banking during the war of 1812 revealed
the need for another national bank

American currency and banking?
second national bank could not forbid state banks to issue currency; but its size and power enabled it to dominate the state banks

As a result of the war 1812, result on manufacturing
manufactured goods during the conflict = scarce; so then new factories could start operations that resulted in quick profits; american textile industry grew

Francis Cabot Lowell
developed a power loom that was better than Britain’s; 1813- organized Boston Manufacturing Co.

The first American mill to carry on the processes of spinning and weaving under a single roof was located in
Waltham, MA

After the war of 1812, it was clear that the united states needed an improved
transportation system

By 1818, the united states’ internal road system
highway w/ crushed stone surface & massive stone bridges; ran as far as Wheeling, VA

The Lancaster pike
PA gave $100,00 to extend lancaster pike westward to Pittsburgh

By 1816, American steamed powered shipping
river steamers were beginning to journey up and down the Mississippi to the Ohio R. and up the Ohio to Pittsburgh

On his last day in office president James Madison influenced “internal improvements”
Calhoun – internal improvement bill saying to est. roads and canals
Madison- on last day agreed w/ it, but vetoed bc no constitutional amendment

Between 1800 and 1820 the population of the united states
doubled from 5.3 million to 9.6 million

In the early nineteenth century the westward movement of white Americans
one of the most important developments; effect on nations economy -> political ramifications + different cultures

In the early nineteenth century characteristics of life in the western territories
frequent mobility of the population

In the early nineteenth century the deep south
focused on cotton plantations and slavery

Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821, results
opened trade to US through northern territories

John Jacob Astor
American Fur Company; est. Astoria as a trading post @ mouth of Columbia R. in OR; sold company to Northwestern Fur Company

William Ashley
paired w Andrew Henry; founded Rocky Mountain Fur Company; recruited white trappers to Rockies to search for furs in return for survival supplies

Rufus King
Monroe’s federalist opponent; of New York; received 38 votes when Monroe received 183

William Crawford

William Becknell
the missouri merchant who helped to create the santa fe trail by selling cheap american goods in mexican markets was

In the early nineteenth century, “mountain men”
fur traders moved from Great Lakes to UT & NM; often married indian and mexican women

In the early nineteenth century, the explorer Stephen Long
went on expedition of Zebulon Pike region; foretells of potential future settlement

“Virginia Dynasty”?
north impatient that first Jefferson of Virginia; then Madison of Virginia; and now James Monroe of Virginia

The “era of good feelings” for following the War of 1812 reflected
rising spirit of nationalism

Prior to becoming president, James Monroe
served as soldier in revolution; served as diplomat; served as a cabinet officer

James Monroe, good will tour
no one did since Washington; traveled throughout the country; greeted enthusiastically

During the administration of James Monroe, federalists party
ceased to exist

The Seminole war and it’s effects
Calhoun ordered to adopt the necessary measures to stop continuing the raids on american territory by seminole indians south of the florida border; Jackson used those orders as an excuse to invade florida, seize spanish forts @ St. Marks & Pensacola

In 1819, Adams-Onis treaty of
1819; spain ceded all of florida to america & gave up territory north of the 42nd parallel in Pacific Northwest; America gave up Texas

The panic of 1819
high foreign demand for american farm goods; high prices for american farmers; high prices stimulated a land boom; land prices soared

The panic of 1819 resulted in a depression that lasted
6 years

In 1819 Tallmadge Amendment
proposed by James Tallmadge Jr. of NY; prohibited the further introductions of slaves into Missouri and provide for the gradual emancipation of those already there; provoked a controversy that raged for the next 2 years

The Missouri Compromise of 1819
proposed by Senator Jesse B. Thomas; prohibited slavery in the rest of the Louisiana purchase territory North of the Southern Boundary of Missouri

Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819)
republic tried to revise Dartmouth College’s charter to convert the private college into a state university; Daniel Webster argued for the college; the court was on the college’s side

Cohens v. Virginia (1821)
Marshall explicitly affirmed the constitutionality of federal review of state court decisions

McCullough v. Maryland (1819)
Marshall confirmed the “implied powers” of congress by upholding the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States

Gibbons v. Ogden (1824)
the court strengthened congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce

Johnson v. McIntosh (1823)
first of crucial indian decisions; tribes had a basic right to their tribal lands that preceded all other american law; american citizens could not buy or take land from the tribes, only the federal government could do that

Worcester v. Georgia (1832)
court invalidated Georgia laws that attempted to regulate access by US citizens to cherokee county; only the federal could do that

The policy expressed in the Monroe Doctrine was principally directed at

The Monroe Doctrine declared that
the american continents are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any european powers

The writing of the Monroe Doctrine, example of
growing spirit of nationalism in the 1820’s

In the presidential election of 1824
Andrew jackson had most electoral votes; 12th amendment passed; john quincy adams received the second most electoral votes and the house of representatives voted him president

“Corrupt Bargain” was negotiated between
henry clay and john quincy adams

The so-called “corrupt bargain” of 1824 involved
a political deal to determine the outcome of the presidential election

The presidential administration of John Quincy Adams, notoriety
was noted for its inability to carry out its policies effectively

The presidential campaign of 1828
andrew jackson was labled a murderer

Andrew Jackson’s presidential victory in 1828 was
decisive but sectional

The election of 1828, emergence of
new two party system

the experience of the american banking in the war of 1812 revealed the need for another national bank which of the following statements about american currency and banking in this era is false the national bank forbade state banks from …

Another national Bank Do you experience of American Bank enjoying the war 1812 reviewed the need for The national Bank forbade banks from issuing their own notes Which of the following statements about American currency in banking in this era …

another national bank The experience of American banking during the War of 1812 revealed the need for The national bank forbade state bands from issuing thier own notes Which of the following statements about American currency and banking in this …

The right to vote was expanded to include many more white males Which statement regarding the American electric during the 1820s is true Two government claiming control the state In 1840 efforts to expand voting rights in Rhode Island’s resulted …

Despite his status as a military hero, why did General Ulysses S. Grant prove to be a weak political leader? Accepted gifts of house and money from citizens, owed victore to the votes of former slaves New York’s notoriously corrupt …

At the conclusion of the Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant accepted gifts of houses and money from citizens As a result of the Civil War, waste, extravagance, speculation, and graft reduced the moral stature of the Republic WE WILL …

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