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The right to vote was expanded to include many more white males
Which statement regarding the American electric during the 1820s is true

Two government claiming control the state
In 1840 efforts to expand voting rights in Rhode Island’s resulted in

Thomas dorr
The lawyer and activist who let the campaign to expand voting rights in Rhode Island was

Popular vote
By 1820 and all but one state presidential electors were chosen by

A desired and essential part of the democratic process
By the 1830s political parties were generally regarded as

New York
In the years after the war of 1812 support for the idea of political parties was greatest in

A permanent political opposition made party sensitive to the peoples will
In the years after the war of 1812 the bucktail philosophy the favored political parties argued that

Democratic Party
Today the oldest political party in the United States is

All white male citizens should be treated equally
According to Andrew Jackson theory of democracy

Federal officeholders
President Andrew Jackson saw two plays democratic principles by his first targeting

Giving out jobs as political rewards
The spoil system refers to

Renominate him for the presidency
By 1832 supporters of President Jackson held a national convention in order to

Should be reduced and yet was supreme over individual states
As President Andrew Jackson believe the power of the federal government

Vice President
When John Calhoun put forth his doctrine of nullification he was

As an alternative to possible succession
By the 1820s John calhoun on proposes doctrine of nullification

Ideas of Madison and Jefferson and the 10th amendment to the constitution
John c calhoun Drew his doctrine of nullification ideas from the

States were the final authority on the constitutionality of the federal laws
In his doctrine of nullification John calhoun argued that

Martin van buren
Who of the following so has close ties and great influence of President Jackson grow stronger as a result of the Peggy eaton affair

The presidential aspirations of John Calhoun we’re likely ended
The political significance of Peggy Eaton on AnDrew Jackson administration was

The sale of public land
The Daniel Webster Robert debate of 1830 was begun by a political dispute of

South Carolina
Senator Robert Hayne represented the state of

D integrity of the Union
In the 1830 Dan’l Webster Robert debate Webster considered Haynes arguments to be an attack of

Andrew Jackson
In 1830 will political figure said our federal union must be preserved

John c calhoun
In 1830 will political figures said the union next to her liberty most dear

Authorized to use of military force to see the acts of Congress were obeyed
In an attempt to end the nullification crisis President Andrew Jackson 1833

Acquire the land occupied by Indian tribes and move the Indians West
The policy most favored by white Wessners during the 1800s was to

Was notable for vicious behavior by the American military
The Black Hawk war

The courts could not enforced the order
Although the Supreme Court found in favor of the Cherokee tribes in Cherokee nation vs Georgia and Worcester vs Georgia president Jackson decided

The trail of tears troubled by their troches let them to the area of that later became

The first of the five civilized Tribes to be removed to the west beginning 1830 was

Of the five civilized Tribes the tribe the best resist the pressures of removal was

Nearly all American Indian societies were removed to the west of the Mississippi
As a result of the US government Indian policy in the 1830s and 1840s

The road was not a part of any system of interstate commerce
In 1830 President Andrew Jackson vetoed a federal subsided to the proposed Maysville Road because

Was financially sound and profitable
In the 1820s under Nicholas biddie the bank of the United States

Both soft money advocates and Hard money advocates
In the 1830s the bank of the United States was opposed by

The Hardmoney advocates
In the debate over the bank of the United States President Andrew Jackson agreed with

Boost his presidential candidate see
In 1832 Henry Clay sought to use the debate over the bank of the United States primarily to

President Jackson ordered the bank close before the expiration of its charter
Which of the following statements regarding the bank of the United States is false

Left the nation with and unstable banking system for many years
President Andrew Jackson success and abolishing the bank of the United States

Reflected Jacksonian ideas of democracy in economic opportunities
The Supreme Court ruling and Charles River bridge versus warren bridge

None of these
Jacksonian Democrats

Territorial expansion
In the 1830s Democrats are more likely than whigs to support

Radical Democrats
The so-called locofocols of the 1830s were

Favored expanding the power of the federal government
The political philosophy of wigs

Small western farmers
Of the following group support for the wigs was weakest

The desire of the party to attract the largest possible number of voters
In the 1820s week support for the anti-Mason party demonstrated

During the 1830s evangelical protestant tended to support

Martin Van Buren
Who among the following was not a leading wig at some point during his career

His identification with the West
Will prove to be a serious liability to Henry Clay’s presidential ambitions

Uniting behind a strong national leader
The wig party was Least successful at

The political opposition offered multiple candidates
Martin Van Buren won the presidency in 1836 because

Disperse it surplus funds to the states
In 1836 Congress passed a distribution at the required the federal government to

Resulted in a severe financial panic
In 1836 President Andrew Jackson specie circular

Was a financial system to replace the bank of the United States
President Martin Van Buren subtreasury system

The first influence of the penny press in politics
The presidential election campaign of 1840 saw

Had been a soldier and Indian fighter and was a descendent of the Virginia aristocracy
William Henry Harrison

Was a wig who had once been a democrat
As President John Tyler

Supported the rights and freedom of mutinous slaves on the creole
1841 the British government

It included in American pledge not to allow slave ships to land a British ports
Which settlement about the 1842 Webster Ashburton Treaty is false

Jacksonian democracy included a week challenge to the institution of slavery

The age of Jackson was less try amp for the common man then conservatives feared

Most people gain the right to vote in the 1830s bur requirements it’s for voters to own property remains in place

The door rebellion was generally consistent with Jacksonian principles

During the Jacksonian era free blacks could not vote at all in the south and could hardly anywhere in the north

One of the major reforms of the Jacksonian. Was the introduction of the secret ballot

In 1840 the number of adult white males who voted in the presidential election had risen to 80%

During the Jacksonian. Political parties were reguarded as a threat to democracy

The wig party held the first national party convention

As President Andrew Jackson’s first political target was a bank of the United States

National political conventions were introduced during the Jacksonian. In order to expand the democratic process

Andrew Jackson believe the strong federal government would lead to a strong democracy

As Andrew Jackson’s vice President John Calhoun became a strong Jackson upponent

The peggy eaton affair improved andrew jacksons relationship with john calhounn

The Webster Hayne debate primarily concerned the issue of the sale of public lands

Calhouns defense of his doctrine of nullification was directed primarily of the issue of tariffs

Andrew Jackson sided with Robert Hayne in the Webster Hayne debate

President Jackson considered those favorite notification to be traitors

President Jackson was a strong advocate for protecting the autonomy of Indian tribes

In the early 19 century many whites viewed Indians as noble savages

President Jackson sought to remove all of the eastern Indian tribes except the five civilized Tribes

In the Black Hawk war white forces attacked Indians as they surrendered and retreated

The Cherokee nation v Georgia The Supreme Court ruled against Indian tribe

Unlike most other tribes the relocation of the seminal in Florida was never completed

In the 1830s as a result of removal policies do United States gain control of more than 100,000,000 acres of Indian Lands

President Jackson vetoed the Maysville Road because the road was contained in one state and thus not part of interstate commerce

Opposition to the bank of the United States came from both soft money and Hardmoney advocates

The results of the elections of 1832 could be interpreted as a defeat for both Henry Clay and Nicholas biddle

The case of charles river bridge v warren bridge could be interpreted as a victory for the forces of democracy

Although a political opponents and a supporter of the bank of the United States Henry Clay benefited politically from President Jackson veto of the 1930 bill that would recharter the bank

The wigs were more concerned with their political philosophies and with winning elections

The Democrats are more likely than wigs to favorite territorial expansion

The Democrats were more likely than whigs to oppose legislation establishing banks

The well to do were more likely to support Whigs than democrats

The panic of 1837 began the worst American depression to the point

The penny press was more lively and sensationalistic than previous newspaper

The Washington star was the first of the new penny press newspapers

In 1840 the whigs elected the president for the first time

John Tyler saw every cabinet member but one resign together from his administration

Deep Aroostook war was the result of tensions between Canada and maine

The Webster Ashburton Treaty of 1842 was strongly criticized in the United States

During the tyler administration the United States established diplomatic relations with China

Democracy in America
The French government had requested alexis de tocqueville make a study of American prisons but he quickly went far beyond the study of prisons and go to classic study of American life titled

Spoil system
President Johnson’s attack on federal officeholders love to the introduction of what one of his alleys called

Jackson supporters hold the national party__as a form for selecting candidates for president

Peoples party
Thomas door and his followers formed a

John cslhoun Champion the states rights theory called

John calhoun argued that the federal government was the creation of the

Martin Van Buren
John calhoun most powerful rival within the Jackson administration was

The Webster Hayne debate began as a conflict over the imposition of

The most successful of the five civilized Tribes when I came to resisting Jackson’s removal policy was the___ tribe

The forced cherokee migration on what was called the trail of tears ended in the territory of

Henry Clay
In the election of 1832 Andrew Jackson defeated the national Republican candidate

Roger b taney
____ succeeded John Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Radical Jacksonians were known as

Free masonry
William Morgan mysteriously disappeared shortly before he published a book that Allegedely exposed the secrets of

Daniel Webster
The great triumvirate consisted of Henry clay John Calhoun and __

Specie circular
President Jackson distrust of paper currency became obvious when in 1836 he issued an executive order called the

John Tyler
The former Democrat who became president upon the death of William Henry harrison was

The right to vote was expanded to include many more white males. Which statement regarding the American electorate during the 1820s is true? two governments claiming control of the state. In 1840, efforts to expand voting rights in Rhode Island …

Another national Bank Do you experience of American Bank enjoying the war 1812 reviewed the need for The national Bank forbade banks from issuing their own notes Which of the following statements about American currency in banking in this era …

The experience of American banking during the war of 1812 revealed the need for another national bank American currency and banking? second national bank could not forbid state banks to issue currency; but its size and power enabled it to …

E Preachers of the Second Great Awakening, such as Charles Finney, emphasized: A) original sin. B) atonement. C) doctrine. D) predestination. E) emotion. A Elected president in 1828, Andrew Jackson: A) won a resounding majority of popular ballots. B) favored …

The movie industry in the 1920s entered a new phase with the studio system which meant Controlling production, distribution and exhibition. To counter growing calls for government censorship, the movie industry resorted to Self-censorship. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY …

Panic of 1819 Cause: overspeculation of frontiers (by Bank of US), under Monroe Result: Depression, nationalism decreased, foreclosed mortgages on farms Panic of 1837 Cause: speculation, Jacksonian economy, foreign depressions, get-rich schemes, Specie Circular, under Van Buren Result: Banks collapsed, …

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