AP psychology chapter 16

psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is

the conception of psychological disorders as biologically based sicknesses is known as the
medical model

medical model of psychologically disordered behavior is most likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of
social circumstances and psychological factos

a psychotherapist is most likely to use DSM-IV in order to ……… various psychological disorders

in a study by David rosenhan “hearing voices” negative effects of
diagnostic labels

children told certain classmates are disabled they behave ways that help the students illustrates the danger of
self fulfilling prophecies

generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by
a continous state of tension, apprehension and autonomic nervous system arousal

college student complains he feels fearful most of the time heart pounds his hands get icy etc
generalized anxiety disorder

which of the following disorders is a person continually tense apprehensive
generalized anxiety disorder

3 grade teacher
dizziness/muscular tension
behavior indicates
generalized anxiety disorder

episodes of intense dread
panic disorder

he was overwhelmed w/ intense apprehension
couldn’t breathe
suffers from
panic Attack

fearful of leaving apartment

phobias are most likely to be characterized by
a persistent irrational fear of a specific object or situation

extremely shy
easily embarrassed
avoid social interactions
social phonia

afraid of spiders

preoccupied w/ thoughts of jumping out a window
counts heart beat aloud

obsessions are
offensive and unwanted thoughts that persistently preoccupy a person

she is alarmed by her own instructive & irrational thought about germs are

anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted repetitive thoughts and actions

brushed teeth 18 times a day 83 strokes up & down

driving to work
radio advertisement for new restaurant
the tune ran through head all day

compulsions are best described as
repetitive behaviors

2 years after being raped still having trouble sleeping

ptsd is considered to be an
anxiety disorfer

suffers from acrophobia
therapist suggests his fear came from Falling off a playground
learning perspecive

fear of darkness
early childhood
learning persoectice

disruptions in conscious awareness and sense of identity are most characteristic of ……. disorders

airplane pilot
bombing raid
dissociative disorder

experience of multiple personalities is most likely to be characterized by
a massive dissociation of self from ordinary consciousness

college students asked to pretend that they were accused murderers

major characteristic of dissociative disorders is a disturbance of

several weeks after being fired from a job he held for 20 years
dissociative disorder

evidence that dissociative disorder is not simply a product of conscious role playing
distinct brain and body states associated w/ differing personalities

therapist suggests she developed a dissociative identity disorder to protect herself

mood disorder?

major depressive disorder is most likely to be characterized by
feelings of personal worthlessness

felt lethargic and has been unable to get out of bed
major depressive disroder

mood disorder involving a chronic state of low energy that is less disabling than md
dysthymic disorder

the common cold

college freshman missed classes
spends time in bedroom
not bothered to eat or get dressed
whole life is a failure
major depressive disorder

owner of auto service station began smashing cars
“real racing machines”

mania is most likely associated with a
bipolar disorder

bipolar disorder is most likely to be characterized by
alternations b/t extreme hopelessness and unrealistic optimism

feeling dissatisfied w life than extremely cheerful

2 yrs since gf left he remains depressed

low serotonin

learned helplessness is most closely associated with

social cognitive perspective
women are more vulnerable to depression b/c
sense of a lack of personal control over their lives

guy takes too little credit for his achievements
social cognitive

the rise of western individualism appears most clearly responsible for an increase in

chronic depression
preformed poorly reason?
I’m academically incompetent

one difficulty w/ a purely attribution am explanation of depression is that negative attributions
maybe be consequence rather than a cause

vicious cycle of depression
stressful life experiences

25 auto mechanic thinks he is Napoleon & is being imprisoned

schizophrenia is characterized by
disorganized & fragmented thinking

word salad

false beliefs of persecutions that may accompany schizophrenia

hallucinations & delusions

seeing one eyed monsters is? believing you a re Christopher Columbus is?

hallucinations Involve

girl hears voices

shakes her head

abnormal shrinkage of cerebral tissue

dopamine over activity appears to most clearly relate to

low birth weight is a risk factor for

prenatal infections contribute to

narcissistic personality disorder
own self importnace

evidence suggests that ……….. contributes to schizophrenia
prenatal viral infection

antisocial personality disorder
a lack of guilt feelings

been fired by 3 employers because they discovered her stealing money w/ no remorse
personality disorder

more common in men than woman

32 year old swindles old peoples money w/ no fear of getting caught
personality disorder

low level of autonomic nervous system arousal may contribute to

symptoms of …… are likely to appear at an earlier age than ……

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A syndrome marked by a clinically significant disturbance in a person’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors is most clearly an indication of a) free-floating anxiety. b) dissociation. c) learned helplessness. d )a psychological disorder. d )a psychological disorder. Inattention, hyperactivity, and …

Alexis is socially withdrawn and has few close friends. This behavior is most likely to be diagnosed as a symptom of psychological disorder if it is also noticeable in other members of her family. preventing her from functioning effectively. not …

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In the ______ model, abnormal behavior is seen as the result of the combined and interacting forces of biological, psychological, social, and cultural influences. biopsychosocial A person who finds it difficult to function on a day-to-day basis may be displaying …

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