Anatomy of a Gothic Cathedral

Usually the front of the building, in French in literally means “face”; this usually stands out from the rest of the structure and is often very decorative.

an entrance hall or lobby of an early Christian or Byzantine church leading to the main part of the church. There are both an outer and inner part. The outer part was sometimes used as a hall of judgment and for other secular purposes. In later years, it was used as a burial place. The inner part is called the “matroneum” and was used by persons of rank or distinction

a passageway through the nave seperated by arches or columnades; the roofs of these are normally lower than the roofs of the nave

a common part of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture and refers to the central rectangular part of a church; Located towards the front of a church, this leads directly toward the altar and in many churches is full of pews; these are often heavily decorated with sculptures that show biblical themes

the entryway of a cathedral; they were often decorated with sculpture

were extensions of the building itself so that instead of a straight, rectangular building, it was instead in the shape of a cross. This helped for structural support without using buttresses as well as providing more space

Crossing Tower
was a large tower that was built right above the crossing of the transepts, the nave, and the choir. Because of its position, there was a focus of stress on the four corners, which caused many of them to collapse.

Choir (apse)
a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church; this is normally the space where the altars are put in or where the clergy would be sitting at; it is solid on the bottom but it can have windows on the top or sides

Radiating CHapels
In a church, projecting chapels arranged radially around the ambulatory of a semicircular or polygonal liturgical east end.

a stone vault beneath the floor of a burial chamber which possibly contained sarcophagi, relics, or coffins; typically beneath a church; a burial place.

receptacle or repository for keeping relics, especially those of saints

Elevated table where religious rites are performed

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