American History – Chapter 13.1

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
US president in 1932 and pledged the New Deal to help American society

Brain Trust
nickname given by the press to a diverse group of men and woman whom Roosevelt sought out to help him with the New Deal

Frances Perkins
a social worker who was nominated by Roosevelt to serve as his Secretary of Labor; became the first women Cabinet member in US history

First New Deal
programs and legislation enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression to promote economic recovery and social reform

bank holiday
a four day break given to banks to get their accounts in order before reopening

fireside chat
informal radio broadcasts in which FDR explained issues and New Deal programs to average Americans

FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations
government agency that insures bank deposits, guaranteeing that depositors’ money will be safe

SEC – Securities and Exchange Commissions
regulated the stock market and made it a safer place for investment

AAA – Agricultural Adjustment Act
sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices

TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority
government agency that built dams in the Tennessee River valley to control flooding and generate electric power

CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps
new deal program that provided young men with relief jobs on environmental conservation projects, including reforestation and flood control

PWA – Public Works Administration
New Deal agency that provided millions of jobs constructing public buildings

why did roosevelt need his wife to serve as his eyes and ears?
Roosevelt was in a wheelchair and didn’t want the country to know about it so he wouldn’t be seen as ‘weak’

how did the New Deal attempt to provide relief, recovery, and reform during the depression?
relief and recovery- TVA, CCC, PWA, FDIC, SEC, AAA, bank holiday, fireside chats
reform- lowers supply to raise prices, government spending

what 3 programs provided work relief (jobs)?

how did FDR’s economic policies differ from those of Herbert Hoover?
FDR believed it was federal government’s responsibility to help the citizens rather that local states and organizations as Hoover believed

why do you think the depression led to the development of some extreme proposals?
people will accept anything to get them out of it; ex. Hitler in Germany

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The Great Depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of: a) Keynesian economics. b) liberalism. c) unregulated capitalism. d) fascism. e) communism. The New Deal failed to generate: a) Hope. b) Sustained prosperity. c) Jobs. d) Social security. …

What happened to America when it returned to a peacetime economy? a 20 percent unemployment rate, the highest to date. How would you characterize the harding administration? scandals that touched many members of his administration. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM …

Black Tuesday A name given to October 29, 1929, when stock prices fell sharply. Reconstruction Finance Corporation An agency established in 1932 to provide emergency financing to banks, life insurance companies, railroads and other large businesses. WE WILL WRITE A …

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