Allergic Addictive Syndrome

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Being a young adult can be overwhelming and exciting. Every one says that young adults don’t care about health, heart attacks, cancer or dying-only about hair, nails, weight and cloths. Young adults don’t care to learn about nutrition. They think everyone is against them, even nature seemed to be plotting against them at that age and endowed them stringy hair or bad breath. Fatigue or crabbiness for no reason seemed to be almost daily events and their parents and counselors told them it was hormones or just a stage, but no explanation made them feel any better.

You may have noticed that some of your friends are sailing through these years with a minimum of anxiety, pain or depression. Which suggests that feeling good may be normal. Many of the conditions that your teenagers have are controllable with diet and nutrition has much to do with them. It is important for you to consider what you are eating now. Once you begin to learn a little bit about nutrition you will see that the way you feel and look is not entirely up to fait. If your body looks and feels good that’s a way of telling that you’re taking good care of your self.

If you could look or feel better chances are that there are changes you can make, looking bad is just your body’s way of saying listen you need some help. Some young adults problems are due to hereditary or physiatrist or they can be due to nutrition deficit. Most are a combination but a good diet can allow ignoring the stress of ones life. ALLERGIES Food allergies are hard to diagnose but are frequent illness usually indicate immune- system weakness, which are based on food sensitivities.

The most common food allergy is to dairy products. It takes three weeks to get all the dairy products out of the system. If the dairy were your enemy you would begin to notice a clear head and open respitory passages in that time. Many find that fatigue lifts cheeks become pink, dark circles under the eyes disappear and the overweight tendency becomes comfortable. If you ingest foods which your allergic, your bloods sugar will bounce up and down leading to anxiety, hunger, depression, fatigue, irritability, weight and pain.

The foods you love the most are sensitive. It is called the “allergic addictive syndrome”. Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Antithetic acid, Vitamin A, Zinc and histamine can be helpful in building your adrenals back into functioning at their optimum level. Rotating the diet is always good idea weather you’re an allergic or not. Vary the diet lower the consumption of a single food to 4 times a week. This allows the body to restore itself. Eating the same foods every day tends to produce sensitivity to those foods.

The body becomes addicted and that is a stress. If you have allergies, try to eliminate the food you love the most or are eating daily. Substitute rye crackers for bread, rice cereal for wheat increase your intake of leafy greens vegetables get your protein from cans instead of cheese, burgers for a while. If you ate a banana as your fruit for the day try to eat a different fruit the next day such as a melon or an apple and so on. Memory and Energy Don’t deprive yourself instead rotate and substitute.

What to do if your memory is poor and if your behind in your school work. The brain is run by Enzymes these are chemical compounds that have the ability to manufacture other chemicals that are excreted at the ends of the nerves that retrieve memory move muscles, secrete hormones and do the work of the body. These enzymes must have energy to do their work a constant supply of energy. The growing brain needs about twice the amount a adult brain needs. This energy comes form food, of course, but the energy is best supplied over a long period of time.

Quick energy from candy or a soft drink raises the bloods sugar so rapidly that the pancreas excretes its hormone insulin, which rapidly drives the sugar into storage in the muscles and the liver but starves the brain. The victim goes to sleep or acts stupid or drugged, or craves sugar fix. The food we eat should provide enough energy for at least two to four hours. Because the sugar in the fruit or the starch in the vegetables is locked up inside the food it takes a while for the energy to get out of the food, be broken down into simple sugars, absorbed into circulation and spread to the body and brain cells.

The best example is the apple. Depression for a no good reason. The young adult male or female have moods swings and because they take things so seriously and intensely an unintentional slight may seem to signify the termination of a friendship for all time. Now they’re nugged into the “hurt” mode, and the young adult finds it easy to slip into the “depression mode” where all the of the depression events in there life is like having pictures on the wall. Nutritional therapists believe that the ingestion of sugary foods to which a person that is allergic can cause depression as deep as that caused by the loss of a loved one.

Nutritional research has found that a magnesium deficiency can cause a profound depression. It is found in green vegetables and in most nuts. The B-complex vitamins may be the single most important factor for the health of the nerves and they are also active in supplying the factors for the anyone’s that turn food into energy. ACNE Acne: You hate to look in the mirror, because you are covered with greasy skin and zits. Why is it that when you are so embarrassed about the way you look anyway, you get creamed with pimples on your exposed skin so the whole world can see them.

You may hear that diet has nothing to do with acne, but diet makes a difference. “Eat it today wear it tomorrow”. Good nutritional approach will allow the orthodox treatment to be more effective. If you have pimples on your face and white spots on your nails a zinc deficiency is probably the cause of your skin condition. As usual overindulgence in sugar and fats enlarges the problem. Cheese, beef, chips, French fries and milk are all very high in fat. Other foods most likely cause some trouble like nuts, soda, whole milk and other fattening foods or drinks.

The Best way to eat The adolescents usually need a lot of calories for growth and energy. All the nutritional research indicates that we do better if we eat as little fat and sugar as possible. Try to eat mini-meals 4-6 times daily. These meals should feature small amounts of low fat protein like fish or turkey or chicken, 1 oz at a time. Or use lentil or bean soup for your protein, along with some whole grains like a piece of whole wheat or rye bread. The mini-meal should also feature vegetables and complex carbohydrates, but eat the protein first, so that plenty of stomach acid will be available for the break down of protein.

Complex carbohydrates are our best source of energy because they are broken down into usable sugar at such a slow rate that they are less likely to stimulate the flow of insulin that tends to make us crave food. Whole/grain foods are good forms of complex carbohydrates. But white bread, cake and refined/flour pasta don’t provide enough roughage, fiber, B vitamins, and minerals to allow them to be metabolized effectively. The only solution to the eating problem is to develop a new approach, a positive kind of control over the young adults body.

Right now it is in there nature to feel that there lives are filled with drudgeries, and that the easiest way to feed themselves is by eating KFC, burgers and fries, and pizzas. So what if this makes them surely and gives them oily skin. The problem with that is those vary feelings of drudgeries and despair are brought on in part by all the excess sugar and fat in all of the junk food. There lives become and endless cycle of starvation and binging, of loosening weight and gaining it back, of depression and exhaustion and the secondary effects on the thyroid, the brain, the intestinal tract.

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