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What are the color of the runway markings and runway hold lines?
white runway markings and yellow runway hold lines

____Are the portion of the airfield where aircraft or helicopters are parked before, after, or between flights, and for servicing and maintenance.

Which of the following is required when parking a vehicle at the side of any aircraft?
Vehicle will be clear of the wingtips

vehicle must be visible to personnel in the cockpit

The speed limit (maximum) when driving a general purpose vehicle within 25 feet of a parked aircraft is
5 mph

Prior of entering/crossing a runway, drivers will…
stop at the runway hold line, contact the control tower via two way radio and ask for permission to enter/cross

When are vehicles responding to red ball incidents allowed to exceed speed limits?
They are not allowed to exceed speed limits

Where would this sign be located? 4-22 (white on red sign)
At the VFR hold line for runway 4-22

Crossing the runway hold lines and entering a runway without ATC approval will result in:
(All of the above)

immediate apprehension.
suspension of airfield driving privileges.
notification to squadron commander

What is depicted below, and what must a driver do when they approach it?
Instrument hold line; obtain approval from tower before crossing

When parking a vehicle with a manual transmission in close proximity to an aircraft, what gear is the transmission left in?

33. Which of the following actions are required when parking a vehicle on the airfield?
(all of the above)

leave keys in the ignition.
park vehicle so it does not interfere with aircraft being towed or taxiing.
place automatic transmission in park or manual transmission in reverse.

When an aircraft’s engines are being operated, vehicles will not be parked less then____/____ of an aircraft?
25 ft in front/ 200 ft to the rear

a flashing red light from the control tower cab means?

A flashing green and red light gun signal from the control tower cab means?

35. What must an operator do when approaching an active runway?
– stop, contact the tower to ask permission to cross the runway

Personnel operating within the controlled movement are will have two-way radio contact with the control tower, and a current CMA authorized flight line drivers license, or…
will have an escort with two-way radio with control tower for the entire time they are in movement area

When approaching an aircraft at night, vehicle operators should do which of the following
Turn off headlights and leave parking lights on

Except when an aircraft is being serviced, loaded, or unloaded, vehicles should never be driven within ___ feet of an aircraft?
10 FT

When entering the airfield, vehicle operators must perform which of the following
(All of the above)

ensure all equipment carried on their vehicle is properly stowed and secured.
inspect their vehicle for objects that could damage aircraft.
remove any rocks that are wedged between tires and threads

What are the leading cause(s) of runway incursions?
(all of the above)

lack of situational awareness
insufficient training

Before entering the controlled movement area, vehicle operators must do which of the folowing?
completely stop at the runway hold line or taxiway intersection, as applicable.
Establish two-way radio contact with the control tower.
Complete airfield driver’s training in accordance with the local airfield driving program and receive a CMA license

During an aircraft emergency on the runway which of the following vehicles have permission to cross the runway without contacting the Control Tower for approval?
None of the above


All vehicles must approach parked aircraft
– With the driver’s side of the vehicle toward the aircraft

During Inclement weather or at night what must a vehicle temporarily parked on any part of the aircraft apron do with their vehicle lights?
Turn on flashing lights (caution)

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