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In the aspect of animal research, persons with experience much like Doctor Robert Tesh would be highly desirable to have as a team leader. The staff would be composed of research scientists form various related fields. Shu-Yuan Xiao, H. G. , Hui Zhang, has done similar work with hamsters infected with the west nile virus and could be tapped for their expertise. Morrey, J. D. , Day, C. W. Julander, J. G. Olsen, A. L. Sidwell, R. W. Cheney, C. D. Blatt, L. M. from the Utah State Universitycould be consulted on their work regarding hamsters and the anti viral antigens generated in regard to the west nile virus.

(Morrey et al. ) To conduct the on site human observation, it would be best for an experienced hospital physician or head were to lead. Briese, T. , & Bernard, K. A have had extensive experience regarding the range of effects of the virus as well as knowledge on the virus’ ability to change. Michael Diamond, M. D. , Ph. D of the University of Washington would be a prime candidate to lead this team because of his work in researching human anti bodies of west nile virus victims. He could also consult with the team leader of the animal research part regarding the effect of these antibodies on infected animals.

The staff would primarily be composed of doctors who would monitor the patient’s condition. Bruno, J. Rabito, F. J. , Jr. Dildy, G. A. , 3rd from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center would be ideal to monitor pregnant patients as their previous research deals with the neo natal effects of the virus on pregnant women. (Bruno, Rabito and Dildy). In extension, it would be beneficial to include a team of nurses to help facilitate the observation tasks. Funding

The research, if accounted for in a per cost basis would amount to a large sum. However, due to the nature of the research and its importance, subsidies on the research cost should be easily acquired. The research costs can balloon to an estimated 4. 8 million dollars for a period of three years. This is a conservative estimate based on primary requirements of the research. About 1. 3 million dollars will be spent in training and acquiring the staff in the three phases of the research. These include salaries, consultant fees and training costs.

A majority of the expenses (1. 8 million), will come from expenditures regarding equipment, facilities and technology. 1. 7 million dollars will be utilized for subject and patient costs, which include sustenance, monitoring and other factors. It also includes permission fees for viewing and accessing patient records. Funding to be derived from government agencies like Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Center for Infectious Diseases and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) would be beneficial.

Also, their participation in the study would significantly lessen expenditures. The participation of the affiliate hospitals and organizations like the Pan American Health Organization and even Universities like that in the University of California, Riverside would also help cut costs. A majority of the funding would most likely come from CDC . private non- government institutes like the Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships would also be beneficial as partners.. Sponsorships from interested individuals and organizations could also be obtained.

These could include medical or science publications like Science, and institutes like Institute le Pasteur in France . Mass scientific media corporations like Discovery and National Geographic could also be approached for funding. Partnerships with bio medical conglomerates like Novartis and Accenture can also help cut costs. Results Statistics obtained from existing patient records would be analyzed to show the correlation of the effect of the virus with the patient’s pre existing condition. This would give an idea of what effect occurs when a particular factor is present.

Form the animal research, data on the observed effects could be generalized as well as their frequency of occurrence. In the patient on site observation, step by step analysis of what effect the patient experiences in relation to his status, medication and treatment will be observed. Findings would be published on virology journals like Microbes and Infection, JAMA, and The Infectious Disease Review among others. Also, sponsors of the project having media means would also be an outlet for publication. This would include CDC, Le Institute Pasteur, and Discovery.

It could be hypothesized that the results of the study would reflect that a persons pre existing condition as well as any current ailments that the patient may have may affect what form the virus exhibits itself in that person. Persons with an already weak health status or condition would be more likely to be susceptible to the more serious effects of the disease. Leadership Skills As coordinator of the entire project, there are numerous skills that need to be exercised. Diligence in checking up on results and updates on each phase would be a must.

Patience on waiting for the results to arrive as well as understanding and sufficient people skills would be needed. In dealing with the various aspects of the research, flexibility and broad knowledge on the different fields involved is a must. As an individual, it would be best to brush up on the topics and aspects involved in the research as well as to obtain knowledge on people management and relations. In regard to publications, it would be best to have a creative outlook on the whole project. It would also be beneficial to obtain a thorough understanding of the different facets involved in managing the finances of the project.

Currently, as the project leader, it would be enough to brush up on the topic since sufficient knowledge has already been obtained. In regards to people skills, more work has to be undergone to improve my mediocre communication and relationship skills. Possible Challenges The primary problem of this study is obtaining the cooperation of those requires persons and organizations. Obtaining funding would be paramount in the list of difficulties as well as convincing others on the necessity of the project. In regards to patient records and on site patient observation, permissions would be hard but necessary to obtain. Summary

The project aims to study what causes the different effects of the West Nile virus in people. To do this, existing patient records would be analyzed to produce a statistical outline of the factors affecting the disease. Also, studies on animals will be done to add scientific basis to the findings on patients and to match what factors may cause what effect. To verify, existing observation on an on going human cases of West Nile virus infection will be undergone. Further research in lieu to this would be the assessment and thorough investigation of the factors that contribute to the different effects of the west Nile virus.

Primarily, research on prevention of the most fatal effects would ultimately spring from the results of this study.

References: Agrawal, A. G. , & Petersen, L. R. (2003). Human immunoglobulin as a treatment for West Nile virus infection. J Infect Dis, 188(1), 1-4. Ahmed, T. , Hayes, C. G. , & Baqar, S. (1979). Comparison of vector competence for West Nile virus of colonized populations of Culex tritaeniorhynchus from southern Asia and the Far East. Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health, 10(4), 498-504.

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