Abnormal psych (Exam 2)

which of the following characterizes the mood state known as anxiety
apprehension about the future

according to the textbook the experinece of fear can be described as a
immediate alarm reaction to danger

Hideki was attending his fifth baseball game at Condor Stadum where he previously had a panic attack, he did not know if he would have a panic attack today but he did
situationally predisposed panic attack

in what way is worry useful
all of the above (it helps us plan for the future, it makes sure we are prepared for a task, it makes us double check everything before leaving on a trip)

all of the following are sympotms of generalized anxiety disorder EXCEPT
(symptoms are muscle tension, mental agitation, worrying about minor daily events)

in the early 1990s, barlow and others developed a cognitive behavior treatment for (GAD) that helps the patient
confront anxiety provoking thoughts and images

in treating panic disorder, all of the following types of medications are used EXCEPT
(uses SSRIs, Tricyclie antidepressants, benzodiazepines)

panic control treatment
was develped by the textbook authors, concentrates on exposing the patients to the cluster of physical sensations that remind them of their panic attacks

Phobic reactions to all of the following included in the natural enviornment subtype of phobias EXCEPT
animals (heights, storms, deep water are)

which of the following is correct match between normal childhood fears and the age of onset
age 10: evaluation by others, anxiety over physical apperance

according to your textbook, new techniques have made it possible to treat some phobias effectively in one

unlike most of the anxiety disorder in whihc female sufferers predominate, the sex ratio is almost equal in
social phobia

research by lundh demonstarted that social phobics presented with pictures of faces will likely to remember
critical and angry faces

individuals suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder display a characteristic set of symptoms including all of the following except
decreased startle response and chronic under arousal (they have numbing of emotional responsiveness, sudden flashbacks, memories and nightmares of event)

although the alarm reactions experienced in both PTSD and panic disorder are very similar and res…… in conditioned responses, in panic disorder the alarm is

action or sometimes thought that an individual wit hOCD uses to reduce anxiety are called

what happen when people with OCD attempt to neutralize or suppress disturbing instrusive thoughts?
this strategy has no effect on obsessive thoughts

according to several cross-cultural research studies reported in the text book, the prevelence of OCD is
very similar across cultures

the behavioral process in which OCD patients are not premitted to carry out their compulsions in in the presence of the anxiety producing rituals or situations is called
exposure and response

research studies have shown that the theraputic benefits of medication for OCD
are reduced when the medication is discontinued

The general treatment plan for dissociative identity disorder patients usually center on
integration of the personality fragments

the disorder called factitious disorder by proxy is characterized by
deliberate actions directed toward making a child sick

all of the following are classified as somatoform disorders except
dissociative indentity disorder (hypochondriasis, conversion disorder and body dysmorphic disorder are)

one of the individual differences that appers to help explain who is likely to develop dissociative identity disorder following childhood trauma is

in healthy well adjusted individuals, dissociation typically occurs following
stress or a traumatic event

an essential element of hypochondriasis is

derealization is defined as
altered perception involving loss of the sense of reality of the external world

________ frequently co occurs with body dysmorphic disorder and may also be present in members of a patient BDD

one method that is used to reduce the financial burden associated with somatization disorder is
assignment of a gatekeeper physician

evidence for the influence of social and cultural factors in conversion disorder includes the fact that conversion disorder
tends to occur in lower socioeconomic groups where there is less medical knowledge

a common feature in almost every case of dissociative identity is
a history of severe childhood abuse

in dissociative fugue, the term fugue means
flight or travel

psychological pain disorder is diagnosed when a patient
has physical reasons for pain but psychological factors play a major role as well

freud called the reduction in anxiety by converting unconscious conflicts into physical symptoms
primary gain

the disorder that involves loss of physical functioning without any physical cause is called
conversion disorder

which of the following are typical characteristics of patients with somatization disordr
female and impulsive

one problem with trying to determine the prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder is that
patients with this disorder generally do not seek psychotherapy

while driving alone in her car, sarah suddenly looks around for a moment and cant remember where she is, how she arrived at this point or even why she is drivng her car, sarah is experiencing

conversion disorder symptoms generally appear
following a traumatic event

in dissociative identity disorder the “host” personality is usually the one that
asks for treatment and becomes the patient

an alter is
an identity created by someone with dissociative identity disorder

plastic surgery for body dysmorphic patients generally results in
little if any patient satisfaction

the main reason why dissociative identity disorder patients tend to have many additonal psychological disorders is that
the severe trauma of childhood leads to many problems later

since Jane suffers from hypochondriasis, we can expect her to see her physicain
often but continue to be anxious about her health anyways

one symptom of mood disorder is amhedomia which means
an inability to experience pleasure

mood disorder can range from mild to severe, one of the most sever is referred to as
major depressive disorder

which of the following is a symptom of a manic phase of mood disorder known as bipolar disorder

the physical or somatic symptoms of a major depressive disorder includes
changes in appetite or weight

research studies report in your textbook indicate that during the 20th century the age of onset for depression

symptoms of severe depression are generally not considered a psychological disorder when they are associated with
a grief reaction

Jane is diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. you can expect htat she will experience
hypomanic episodes

when referring to the mood disorders called cyclothymia and dysthymia it would be accurate to say that an individual with cyclothymia
would be considered moody

one of the problems encountered by psychiatrist who prescribe medication for patients with bipolar disorder is that patients often
stop taking the medication in order to bring on a manic state

tamara gave birth to a baby and is now depressed
post partum depression, baby blues

the most unual pattern of a temporal specifer in major depressive disorder occurs in the late fall and end with the beginning of spring.. this is known as
seasonal affective disorder

all of the following are accurate statements about the prevalence of mood disorders in children and adolectcents except
rate of attempted suicide decrease during adolescence
bipolar disorder in children is often misdiagnosed as ADHD
major depressive disorder in adolescents is primarily a female disorder
adolescents with bipolar disorder may become aggressive, impulsive

the presence of medical illnesses or symptoms of dementia can make the diagnosis of depression difficult
in the elderly

cross cultural research indicates that major depression is extremely high among
native americans

which type of brain wave activity indicates calm, positive feelings
Alpha waves

the idea thta individuals who are biologically vulnerable to depression place themselves in high risk stressful environments reflect
reciprocal gene environment model

an individual who says its all my fault is reflecting

martin seligmans theory that people become anxious and depress because they believe that they have no control over the stress in their lives is informed by
the learned helplessness model

in Aaron Becks depressive cognitive triad, individuals think negatively about all of the following except
their past
They think pos:
futrue, themselves, their immediate world

possible reasons for the higher rates of depression found in women include all of the following except
a low value placed on intimate relationships

culturally induced dependence and passivity,a sense of uncontrollability, self blame for being depressed

with regard to social suport
havign social support helped speed recovery from depressive episodes

although ECT has been controversial issues for decades, it is an effective treatment for depression espically when
patient response to antidepressant meds is poor

recent research suggest that it might be possible to psychologically immunize children against depression is based on studies in which at risk children
were taught cognitive and social problem solving skills

Which of the following about suicide is correct
for college students, suicide is the second leading cause of death

impulsive suicidal behavior is often a symptom of
boderline personality disorder

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