Abnormal Psych Chapter 7

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is most likely to adversely affect the physical well-being of:
the child of the person experiencing it

A therapist treating an individual with a somatoform disorder works to reduce pleasurable outcomes associated with being sick, while increasing pleasurable outcomes associated with being well. This technique is called:

Kevin studies his history notes and textbook while he is drinking beer. According to some theorists, Kevin would later do better on his history exam if he also had alcohol in his system while taking the exam. These theorists would be basing their claim on:
state-dependent learning

Sarah brings her young daughter into the emergency room with internal bleeding. The attending physician later concludes that Sarah caused the symptoms in her daughter intentionally, to bring her to a doctor’s attention. If this assessment is true, Sarah would be diagnosed as having:
Munchausen syndrome by proxy

What treatment approach is often used in cases of dissociative amnesia and fugue?

The first step in treating people with dissociative identity disorder is to:
bond with the primary personality

In the United States, the number of diagnosed cases per year of dissociative identity disorder:
has increased

Martin was certain that his chin was too big and was misshapen. He was very anxious in public and tried to work at home whenever possible. His condition could best be diagnosed as:
body dysmorphic disorder

A person with conversion blindness, paralysis, or loss of feeling may also be said to be displaying:
pseudoneurological symptoms

Munchausen syndrome is a ______ disorder.

Which of the following is not an example of memory recovery techniques used by therapists?
imaginaing the event

A 35-year-old woman hobbles into the office of a physician complaining of a debilitating illness that has robbed her of the use of her left leg and right arm. The physician finds no physical basis for her symptoms. She appears totally unaware that the cause of her symptoms may be psychological. The diagnosis would be:
conversion disorder

A visual image that is retained so vividly that one can continue to scan it for more information is called:
eidetic image

Which of the following is likely to be useful in distinguishing hysterical somatoform disorders from true medical problems?
the failure of a condition to develop as expected

People who become preoccupied with some imagined or exaggerated defect in their appearance suffer from a:
body dysmorphic disorder

Which diagnosis includes a breakdown in sense of self, a significant alteration in memory or identity, and even a separation of one part of the identity from another part?
dissociative disorder

A person with dissociative identity disorder has just experienced “switching.” Which of the following most likely has happened?
the person has changed from one subpersonality to another

Freud believed that hysterical symptoms:
enabled people to avoid unpleasant activities

Every time Miguel had a headache, his mother let him miss school. Now, as an adult, his headaches have become more frequent. His head pounds any time he is required to do something he would rather not. This is a ______ explanation of conversion symptoms

Depersonalization disorder is most common among those who are:
adolescents and young adults

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