a state of breathless euphoria or frenzied energy in which individuals have an exaggerated belief in their power describes

considering data from several countries around the world, which of the following is the MOST accurate statement about the percentages of adults in each country who suffer from mood disorders each year?
the percentages are over twice as high in some countries as they are in others

in the united states the prevalence of unipolar depression in boys is
the same as it is for girls , but the prevalence for men is lower than it is for women.

which of the following would be an emotional symptom of depression
experiences of sadness and anger

which of the following would be MOSTLY a motivational symptom of depression
lack of desire to eat

a person displaying sadness, lack of energy, headaches, and feelings of low self worth is showing all of the following symptoms EXCEPT
behavioral symptoms

a depressed person who is confused, unable to remember things, and unable to solve problems is suffering from____symptoms

which of the following would be a physical symptom of depression?
sleeping poorly

what would be the most appropriate diagnosis for a person who experienced a major depressive episode, without having any history of mania, and is either immobile or excessively active?
catatonic depression

Judith is currently experiencing a period of sadness that interfere with her ability to go to work and to take care of her children. it has lasted now for three weeks and she has experienced similar episodes in the past. what type of major depression would she MOST likely be diagnosed with?

Juan is currently experiencing a period of sadness that has resulted in almost total immobility. He sits in a chair all day and almost never moves. His wife has to assist him in getting into bed at night. What type of major depression would he most likely be diagnosed with?

to receive a diagnosis of major depressive episode, melancholic, the individual must display
almost no emotional response to pleasurable events

to receive a diagnosis of dysthymic disorder, an individual must have experienced symptoms for at least
two years

jose just saw his best friend shot and killed by a gunman who was driving though his neighborhood. a month later he is in psychologists office complaining that he cannot work; everything seems hopeless. there are several other symptoms consistent with these. Based on these data, the diagnosis would MOST likely be:
reactive depression

a woman experiences recurrent thoughts of suicide, great sadness, and sleep disturbance. These symptoms began a week after she gave birth, and have lasted over six months. The woman is experiencing
postpartum depression

a woman being treated for postpartum depression after the birth of her first child is most likely to
have up to 50 percent chance of experiencing it with her second child

The DSM 5 has added premenstral dysmorphic disorder as a diagnosis given to certain women who repeatedly experience clinically significant depressive and related symptoms during the week before menstruation. Why has this been an ongoing controversy?
the diagnosis pathologies severe cases of premenstrual syndrome

family pedigree and twin studies have been used to look for genetic predisposition for unipolar depression. these studies have found
a higher than chance rate of depression among the families of depressed patients

recent studies show about what portion of those experiencing major depressive disorder receive treatment for that disorder
50 percent

what are the chances that researchers will develop a specific, gene based explanation for unipolar depression in the near future
low- so far, specific genes on half or more of chromosomes have been linked to unipolar depression

seasonal affective disorder is associated with fewer hours per day of daylight during the winter months. Less daylight, or more accurately more darkness may cause the release of

one problem with analogue studies of depression is that
one cannot be sure depression-like symptoms in lab animals reflect human depression

a person suspected of having unipolar depression has a smaller than normal hippocampus, although it produces a normal number of new neurons. This is:
unusual: those with unipolar depression usually have a smaller than normal hippocampus cause it to produce a low number of new neurons

as a result of taking antidepressant drugs, a person is experiencing increased production of new neurons in the hippocampus. this is
normal and is one indication of successful treatment

which of the following statements MOST accurately reflects current research findings
stress produces dysregulated immune systems, which may then produce unipolar depression

the clinician who would be MOST likely to say,”tell me about how your parents cared for and protected you” is a
psychodynamic clinician

in general, object relations theorists follow which theoretical perspective?

a baby who was separated from its mother at birth and who subsequently became withdrawn, sad and tearful could be experiencing
anaclitic depression

an older person retires and begins experiencing health problems. Consequently, the person loses contact with old friends and becomes unpleasant to be around. a behaviorist would explain the resulting depression in terms of
loss of positive social rewards

Francoise is depressed. her therapist asks her about her daily experiences focusing on how often people say nice things to her. her therapist MOST likely has a
behavioral orientation

the type of clinician who would be most likely to ask, ” what are some things you enjoy doing and how often do you do them? would be a
behavioral clinician

which of the following would provide the best evidence for the cognitive explanation for depression?
a finding that people show negative thoughts before they become depressed

a therapist desribes a patient who believes her personal worth is tied to each task she performs. she draws negative conclusions from very little evidence, amplifies minor mistakes into major character flaws and suffers from repetitive thoughts that remind her of her flaws. you conclude that the therapist holds which theoretical orientation?

which of these statements would NOT reflect a part of the cognitive triad?
everyone is out to get me

which theoretical orientation would the research finding that depressed people choose more pessimistic and self deprecating statements in story telling test demonstrate?

all of necks cognitively based explanations for depression have received research support EXCEPT for
all of these explanations have received research support

your aunt says, i know I’m depressed and i think and worry about my depression constantly however i never actually do anything about it. she is…
making ruminative responses

Martin Seligman has developed a theory based on the idea that depression results from
a belief that one has no control over the events in ones life

a woman who was frequently but unpredictably beaten by her husband was finally taken to a shelter by the police. while there she did not take advantage of educational and job training opportunities. how would cognitive theorists explain her behavior?
learned helplessness

a young woman believes that everything negative that happens to her is her own fault, that she ruins everything and always will. the therapist diagnoses her as suffering from a learned helplessness-induced depression because she attributes negative events in her life to
internal, global and stable factors.

which theoretical orientation would the following research finding support? ” depressed people show an internal/global/stable pattern of attribution on a questionnaire”

someone receiving treatment for depression periodically completes an attributional style questionnaire which is designed to measure the therapies effectiveness. the theoretical orientation of the therapist is MOST likely

a decrease in social rewards especially a decrease in social support such as the support found in a happy marriage may precede the onset of depression, providing evidence for which theoretical perspective?
behavioral and sociocultral

the type of clinician who would be MOST likely to say, “tell me about the quality of mutual support you receive from your marriage” is a :
sociocultural clinician

after a couple divorced you learn that one of them is suffering from depression. MOST likely
a troubled marriage led to the depression

Which theoretical orientation would support the finding that westerners experience more psychological symptoms of depression than do others around the world?

depression is more common in women because they experience more taxing life situations such as poverty and menial jobs than man. this is the
life stress theory

artifact theory differs importantly from other sociocultural theories of depression because it suggests
concern about body weight can be both a cause and a result of depression

a woman in a middle level managers job is repeatedly not promoted, no matter how hard she tries even though she seems qualified as the men who are promoted. if she develops depression as a result of her work experiences the theory that BEST easily explains the onset of her depression is
lack of control theory

of the following, the one most likely to be diagnosed with depression is a
US woman who has lived all her life on a Native American reservation

of the following the MOST accurate description of the symptoms of mania would be that they
don’t include a sense of the impact of ones actions on others

people who talk rapidly dress flamboyantly and get involved in dangerous activities are showing ____symptoms of mania

according to the DSM 5 all of the following are considered symptoms of a manic episode EXCEPT
suicidal ideation

on an impulse david decides to throw a huge party. it takes four days of round the clock work to get everything ready then david welcomes over 200 guests. when the police stop by because david has blocked a public road he flies in a rage. MOST likely david is experiencing
a manic phase of bipolar I disorder

the difference between bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder is
the severity of manic episodes

a talented artist is experiencing severe bipolar disorder. in terms of artistic output only the BEST thing that artist could do is
seek treatment: psychological disturbance is not necessary for good artistic output

milder forms of bipolar disorder are known as
cyclothymic disorder

a 12 year old is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. which of her characteristics is MOST unusual for those with bipolar I disorder?
her age

the strongest evidence for the cause of bipolar disorders BEST supports which theoretical perspective

although initially thought to be due to an excessive amount of a particular neurotransmitter mania has been found to be due to low levels of which neurotransmitter

bipolar disorders have recently been linked to
improper sodium transport

which of the following risk percentage patterns would BEST support the influence of genetic factors in explaining bipolar disorder—1,2,3,…
1 percent , 10 percent, 40 percent

there are several factors related to unipolar depression. reduced positive reinforcers, gene abnormalities, and life stress to name a few. how do these factors relate to depression? the MOST recent research shows that
some factors may cause depression while other factors may maintain depression.

of the following statements, which is accurate based on current research
unipolar depression has several important factors; bipolar disorder has one major factor

Unipolar Depression Mental disorder with only depression as a component (in contrast to bipolar in which depression and elation alternating predominate) Symptoms (Depression) 1. Emotional – -feeling sad and dejected – Anhedonia- excessive crying, no joy in anything, no pleasure. …

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Unipolar Depression Treatments: Psychological Approaches: PSYCHODYNAMIC THERAPY therapists here seek to help clients bring underlying issues to consciousness and work through them. they encourage the depressed client to associate freely during therapy; suggest interpretations of the client’s associations, dreams, and …

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