Passion for medicine

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It is hard to find a cause that one will believe in with a passion that will encompass the actions of that individual beyond the formative years of childhood and early adolescence. With a world that is seemingly bereft of any cause that will instill that kind of passion in one person, if a person is fortunate enough to discover that passion, he/she will pursue it. That pursuit will entail efforts to perfect that craft in his choice of lifestyle, educational background, even in aspects that will merit some sacrifices on the part of the individual.

For me, it was not a book, event, nor incident, but the life and death of a person that I hold dear to my heart that gave me the reason to pursue this field of becoming a physician assistant. As I believe that there are various fields of medicine that can be pursued, I chose this field, given the many opportunities and experiences that I have gained through the years, and to help in that effort I will consider as an extreme privilege.

My family history has proven to be the best training grounds for my pursuit of a career in the field of medicine. In my growing years, one of my role models was my aunt Judy, who had a considerable influence on my youth and in my pursuit of a medical career. My aunt was also in pursuit of a career in medicine, having been enrolled in medical school, and would always tell stories of her experiences in her daily life as a medical student.

In the course of her studies in medical school, I began to observe her commitment and dedication to her chosen field of expertise, traits she would always tell us that are basic and essential for those that have chosen the field of medicine. But my interest in the field of medicine began to take shape as I discovered the significant and crucial role that a physician’s assistant takes on, the various responsibilities and duties, the myriad of activities that one must undertake in this field, and continued in that pursuit upon enrolling at the University of California at Bakersfield.

Taking up Kinesiology as my major in my academic stay at the University, I learned about the various intricacies of the human body, its anatomy, physiology and the mechanics that govern the movement of the human body. In the fours years that I had the privilege to stay at Bakersfield, I wanted to endeavor deeper into the education of the science of exercise and to continue my education that would be more inclined on diagnostic medical angle. But not all of my stay was dedicated to the academic requirements in the university.

In my years at the University, I also played Division 1 softball and in my senior year, was voted to be captain of the team. It was in my years as an athlete that I learned the skills to persevere in my field, self motivation in accomplishing all the tasks that lay before me in spite of obstacles, and go through a frenzied academic schedule that has taught me to utilize rigorous time management skills, and the use of prioritizing acumen in juggling all the requirements of my chosen academic course, all with successful results.

But one of my most memorable experiences in my stay at the University was the opportunity to be a mentor to at risk youth at the Youth Foster Group Homes. Here, tutoring twice a week, I would help the youth in the homes for academic subjects that they might have difficulty with, or for youths just trying to keep up with the academic requirements, and plan activities for them to achieve the goals we together have set for themselves. It is in this activities where I impart my belief that no goal is unattainable.

This chapter in my life taught me that I wanted to expand the parameters of my chosen field, that in my area of expertise, not only did I want to help people with their medical needs, but in a more real sense, I wanted to endeavor on the area that would help rebuild the lives of the poverty stricken individuals and families by becoming not only the best medical practitioner that I can possibly be, but one that not only excels in the field of medicine, but by building bonds of trust and confidence, they can be more at ease and comfortable in their act of trusting me with their medical as well as personal needs.

To further hone my medical knowledge and to gain more knowledge about my chosen field, I devoted much of my spare time to volunteer work at the Kern County Hospital, at the facility’s Emergency Department, and at the Simi Valley Free Clinic facility. In my stay at the facilities, I had the privilege to interact with the many patients at the clinic and the emergency department, and an added privilege was to share with the veteran physician assistants, who shared their insights to me on the rigors and responsibilities of their positions.

One of the assistants, Leslie Pascoe, I had the privilege of following around in the course of her tour at the facility. During my tenure at the facility, I was exposed to many medical cases, both inflicted and afflictions: staphylococcal infections, stabbing wounds, cases of hypertensions, vehicular accident victims, those with cold symptoms, bone fractures, pneumonia and various other health cases.

Apart from the actions of interacting with other staff and the patients at both facilities, I discovered the inherent value of each of the members of the medical team, as with the conduct of routine emergency room tasks, inclusive of taking vital signs, testing and evaluating blood sugar levels of diabetic patients, and recording the patient history with Harrier Catagay, another of the physician assistants at the facility.

It is here where I relished the times of discussion of the scientific aspects of the field of medicine, developing skills of critical thinking to address and determine solutions with my fellow peers at the medical facility, and to interact with many patients, teaching them on the importance of practices that will mitigate the incidents that the patients might contract disease. Apart from the experience of working at the facilities, gaining much knowledge from my peers and superiors, being employed as a caregiver has given me the opportunity to develop certain skills that can aid me also in the field of medicine.

In one example, I helped a 90 year old female diabetic who had gone blind due to her illness. In one instance, due to her dropping levels of glucose, she had lost consciousness; fortunately, the training I had received as an Emergency Medical Technician gave me the knowledge to administer pre hospitalization care, checking on her blood sugar levels, checking her vital signs, administer the needed glucose, and finally contact emergency services.

Again, I have to reiterate the important role that my aunt Judy played in my passion for medicine. She instilled in me the love for the medical field, and two nephews in the process. Aunt Judy finished her medical schooling, but soon after, my beloved aunt was diagnosed with cancer. When she was diagnosed with the disease that ultimately claimed her life, she was still pregnant with my twin nephews.

As her battle with melanoma continued, I saw that the cancer was winning the battle with each passing day, and one day the war was ultimately consummated in favor of the cancer. But though she was taken in such a short time, the time that she was given was enough to instill that passion to help people with their medical issues. The loss of my aunt Judy, though tragic at passing at such a young stage, and robbed of becoming the doctor I know that she can attain, inspired me to excel in the fight against illnesses.

Though I am aware that medical professionals have to undergo many an arduous time in achieving their goals and effectively practice their careers, I do not look at it as a mere career; it is a passion that I wish to pursue. It is in this regard that I wish for your favorable consideration of my application to your prestigious program. With the knowledge and tutelage I hope to gain in your program, I hope to continue in the pursuit of my passion to be a exceptional practitioner in the medical field.

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