6.04 Health: Be Safe, Think Safe

Which should you do in the event of a catastrophic hurricane?
Board up all windows and doors.

Which is the safest place to be during a tornado?

When leaving your home in the event of a flood, which precaution should you take?
Turn off the electricity.

If you are driving outside and a tornado strikes, what should you do?
Stop the car and lie down in a low-lying ditch.

Where is the best place to stand during an earthquake?
in a doorway

When preparing an emergency supply kit for a family, which is the minimum number of days the supplies should last?

In an emergency situation, how much water is necessary to have per person per day?
1 gallon

What is the purpose of a family communication plan?
to contact each other when an emergency strikes

Which is the least reliable source of information about emergency safety?
medical blog

Which is a significant indicator of an article’s reliability and validity?
its purpose

According to my views a permanent solution for these sexual problems for the youngsters is that they not involve in such intercourse activities that would lead to pregnancy. This method is known as continues abstinence. This method is totally safe …

Peer Review General Purpose -evaluation of nursing services -qualifications of nurses -quality of pt care by nurses -merits of a complaint or recommendation regarding a complaint of a nurse -fact finding -analysis and study of events by nurses in a …

In 2012 Michael Bergeron, Cheryl L. Richardson, and E. Paul Roetert published an informative essay titled “Physical Activity in the Heat: Important Considerations to Keep Your Students Safe. ” The purpose of their essay is to educate teachers on preventing …

A nurse is assigned to care for a hospitalized toddler. Which of the following activities should be the highest priority for the nurse? Protect the toddler from injury The goal of evidence-based practice related to restraints is to avoid the …

1. 1. 1 A prescription is a written instruction from a physician, dentist, etc. , to a pharmacist stating the form, dosage strength, etc. , of a drug to be issued to a specific patient. 1. 2 If social care …

Immunisation is a quick, simple and safe way to protect an individual from infection. The more people immunised in childhood, the more rare diseases become. Immunisation therefore protects not just your child but babies, adults and other children too. Artificial immunisation …

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