5 Types of EMS Systems in the US

Fire-based services
Fire-based EMS can be delivered through first responders utilizing non-transport fire apparatus and/or by a vehicle licensed as an ambulance to transport the sick and injured to an appropriate receiving facility.

Third-party services
Are private companies that have been hired to perform EMS services.

Hospital-based services
Are those that are backed up monitored and run by a local hospital.

Other systems
Include police and private systems

What are the four nationally recognized levels of EMS certification/licensure?
-Emergency Medical Responder
-Emergency Medical Technician
-Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)

Emergency medical responder(EMR)
a person trained in emergency medical care who may be called to provide such care as a routine part of the job (first responder)

advanced EMT (AEMT) An individual who has training in specific aspects of advanced life support, such as intravenous therapy, and the administration of certain emergency medications. advanced life support (ALS) Advanced lifesaving procedures, some of which are now being provided …

A health care system is an organisation to deliver health care. There are many variations of health care systems around the world. The goals for health systems are good health, responsiveness to the expectations of the population, and fair financial …

A health care delivery system is actually a method or organization by which health care is commonly provided to those in need of health care services.

Health Care System is a structural organization designed for providing quality and efficient health care services to the general population.  Equally, its’ standards must be in accord with the general acceptance of the people and that it must cater to …

Emergency medical care has developed from the days when the local funeral home provided ambulance service to the current, modern emergency medical services (EMS) system. Major improvements in emergency medical care over the years include all of the following EXCEPT: …

In 2001, the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed the different health systems in 191 countries. Out of that study, France stood out and was judged to have the best health care service in the world which was published in The …

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