4th Grade Science Heart Test 1

1. The semilunar valves are located at the beginning of large vessels that carry blood

_____ from the heart.

a. Towards

b. Away

c. Valve

d. So$ly

2. The atrium and ventricle on each side of the heart are separated by one-way valves

called ______.

a. Atrioventricular valves

b. Astrophysical valves

c. Primary valves

d. Pulmonary valves

3. The AV valves allow blood to *ow in only one direc+on – from the ______ to the


a. Atria

b. Arteries

c. Anteaters

d. Asparagus

4. Another name for the right atrioventricular valve is the _____.

a. Meniscus valve

b. Mitral valve

c. Trigonal valve

d. Tricuspid valve

5. Another name for the mitral valve is the ______.

a. Le$ atrioventricular valve or pulmonic valve

b. Le$ atrioventricular valve or bicuspid valve

c. Aor+c valve

d. Apple valve

6. The le$ semilunar valve is also known as the

a. Aor+c valve

b. Adam valve

c. Arteriosis valve

d. Ar+s+c valve

7. The right side of the heart is separated from the le$ side by a muscular wall called the


a. Spectacles

b. Spider

c. Sartorius

d. Septum

8. The thin walled upper chambers of the heart are called the _____.

a. Capillaries

b. Ventricles

c. Ver+cles

d. Atria

9. The heart is a muscular organ about the size of your _____.

a. Head

b. Foot

c. Fist

d. Eye

10. When res+ng, your heart beats about _____ +mes per minute.

a. 1,000

b. 20 – 30

c. 3 – 5

d. 60 – 80

11. Inside your heart a special +ssue called the _____ causes the heart to beat


a. Pacemaker

b. Peacemaker

c. Pickle

d. Peroneus

12. The return of the blood to the heart is aided by _____.

a. Big foot

b. Hairs

c. A pump in your foot

d. Muscles contrac+ng

13. _____ do not have walls as thick as arteries, but they do have one-way valves.

a. Houses

b. Veins

c. Hoses

d. Gas pumps

14. The smallest blood vessels are called _____

a. Capillaries

b. Catapillars

c. Crunch berries

d. Veins

15. Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of _____ in the USA.

a. Emphysema

b. Death

c. Black plague

d. Drying

16. The _____ is one of the main systems for maintaining homeostasis.

a. Circulatory system

b. Urinary system

c. Respiratory system

d. Integumentary system

17. Maintaining the internal balance of a living organism is called _____

a. Aerobics

b. Basketball

c. Heterogenous

d. Homeostasis

Bonus: The blood coming into the right atrium is rich or poor in oxygen. (circle the correct


Joke: Why was the heart dancing to the music being sung at the Spearsh

Classical Christian Schools spring musical program? It had a good beat!!!


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