The routinely associated signs & symptoms should not be coded in addition to a code for the particular disease or condition.

Late effect is the residual condition that is still present 2 months after the acute illness or injury

Sequencing codes for residuals and late effect, the residual code is generally sequenced first followed by the late effect.

The site in which a malignant neoplasm has spread to is the primary site.

The Amercian Hospital Association is responsible for the development of ICD-10PCS.

A combination code is a single code that may be used to classify two diagnoses.

Status asthmaticus is a term used for a very severe type of asthmatic attack.

ICD-9 presumes a cause -and-effect realtoinship between hypertension and chronic kidney disease

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for the development of the ICD-10-PCS

The perinatal period extends through the first 6 weeks following birth.

Adverse effect occurs when a drug has been correctly prescribed and properly administered and the pt develops a reaction.

A gastrointestinal hemorrhage to be coded, the pt must be actively bleeding.

When coding a poisoning, also assign and E code from the therapeutic column from the Table of Drugs and Chemicals.

An ectopic preganancy occurs when the fertilized ovum implants outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube.

A code from Chapter 16 should not be assigned when it is considered to be routinely associated with a disease process.

ICD-10-CM has a maximum of five alphanumeric characters.

The removal of a tooth is an example of an extraction.

The Tabular List contains grids that represent the last four characters of a procedure code.

Combination code is a single code used to classify

Threatened Spontaneous Abortion

Terms that may be used to describe a threatened condition include
Threatened, impeding, evolving

Correct code for cough due to pneumonia is

Correct code for acute cystitis due to E. coli are
595.0, 041.4

Correct code for impending shock is

Correct codes for dehydration due to pneumonia are
486, 276.51

Following are improvements in the ICD-10CM codes
All of the Above

The maximum number of characters in a ICD-10 code is

Correct code for acute and chronic laryngitis
464.00, 476.0

Know the charactericstics of ICD-10-CM index
All of the Above

The root operations that is defined as cutting out or off without replacement, all of a body part is.

Which organization has been responsible for the development of ICD-10-CM

Mapping that will convert ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-1–CM codes is called

Root operation that is defined as taking or letting out of fluids and /or gases in a part of a body is

The root operation that is defined as correcting a portion of a previously performed procedure is

The root operation that is defined as restoring, to the extent possible, a body part to its natural anantomic structure is

Dypsphagia, oropharyngeal phase, due to previous stroke
438.82, 787.22

Acute and chronic renal failure in pt with hypertension
acute- 584.9, hypertension – 403.90, chronic – 585.9

Contact dermatitis of eyelids

Staphylococcus aureus septicemia


Benign tumor of the thymus

Primary malignant neoplasm of appendix

Dermatitis frm silver jewelry

Senile dermatosis

Close medical dislocation of elbow

117-2 mbc1

In ICD-9-CM coding, the words “and”, “with”, have similar meanings. False Eponyms can desribe syndromes named for a person True The offical guidlines for coding and reporting are updated every year True the symbol that instructs you to use an …

CPT Chapter 31

True The Tabular List contains grids that represent the last four characters of a procedure code. Exacerbation of asthma Patient is admitted following an outpatient procedure because of an exacerbation of the patient’s asthma. What is the principal diagnosis? Revision …

step by step chapter 4 review theory & practical

List two of the four cooperating parties that agree on coding principles AMA, CMS, AHA, AHIMA Identify the main______ in the diagnostic statement term Locate the main term(s) in the ________ Index alphabetic Review any ________under the main term in …

ICD-10 Coding Ch. 3-4 Quiz Review

Using the ICD-10-CM, complete the following. The correct reporting for acute cholecystitis with cholelithiasis with obstruction: K80.01 Using the ICD-10-CM, complete the following. The correct reporting for stage IV chronic kidney disease associated with diabetes mellitus, type 2: E11.22, N18.4 …

ICD 10 CM/PCS Chapter 8

Abnormal findings alone on a report can be coded. False Z codes can be coded only as principal diagnosis. False To indicate birth status for a newborn, use a: code A symptom is: subjective evidence of a disease or of …

ICD-9-CM Final

When two or more diagnoses equally meet the definition for principal diagnosis, either one can be selected as the principal diagnosis. (31) TRUE. It is unacceptable to assign codes in the inpatient setting to diagnoses that are documented as being …

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