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Humans and common illnesses

To investigate whether there is a correlation (positive or negative) between daily stress in humans and common illnesses. Hypothesis: I definitely think that, based on research already conducted, my results will conclude that there is a positive correlation between life events …

Parent-child relationships

Holden (2002) is concerned about the quality of Gershoff’s empirical data, as it is crucial to distinguish severe from normative physical punishment in order to investigate whether spanking has any of those negative outcomes, which are readily associated with abusive …

Children to good behaviour

Throughout history spanking has been commonly viewed as necessary and effective mean of conditioning children to good behaviour. Partly the practice has religious roots, as Bible is often interpreted to require parental corporal punishment (Latif, 2003). Psychological research has yet …

Negative ideas

When using human beings in psychological research, questions have to be immediately asked about the dignity and rights of participants. The need for some guidelines set in stone with unambiguous meanings lead to the development of the ethical principles that …

Memory for Emotional Expressions

The current studies showed that perceptual memory for emotional facial expressions was biased by the specific emotion concepts used at encoding. This biasing effect occurred for not only the relatively rare and artificial angry-happy blends, but also the most frequently …

Perceptual memory for facial expression

The topic of the present research is the influence of categorization on perceptual memory for facial expression. When people talk about others’ emotional expressions, they may use specific emotion categories, such as sad, happy and angry. However, categorization is affected …

Mapping Psychology

As the experimental hypothesis predicted, the introverted participants’ average driving speed is lower than that of the extroverted participants’. As it can be seen from the chart, the confidence intervals partly overlap, which may suggest that the observed difference is …

Biological processes offer to psychological explanations

What does an understanding of biological processes offer to psychological explanations? Support your argument with research evidence from Chapter 4 and/or Chapter 5 of Book 1. The study of psychology draws on knowledge from different scientific disciplines. One of them is …

The psychoanalytic theory also faces problems

The questionnaire is probably the most commonly used research method in psychology, and other social sciences. It is simple versatile and cost effective. They can provide quantitative or qualitative data depending on whether closed or open questions are used. Closed …

Outcome of psychological investigations

What factors may distort the outcome of psychological investigations? What implications does this have for whether psychology is a science? Psychological research is used to discover what, how and why something has happened. This aids the formation of theories and enables …

Ascending reticulocortical activating system

In order to establish the effects of nature and nurture on personality, its is important to understand what is meant by this. We will look at different research methods on this subject and look at how this can effect our …

Fundamentals: Chapter 5 (Evidence-Based Practice)

Evidence-based practice It is a problem-solving approach to clinical practice that integrates the conscientious use of best evidence in combination with a clinician’s expertise, patient preferences, and values in making decisions about patient care. Identify the six steps of evidence-based …

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