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Healthy Living Facts, Diet and Exercise Tips & Tools for Success

  • 10 Important Benefits of Walking in Nature

    We all know that walking is great physical exercise. But did you also know there are other important benefits that walking offers besides the physical? The other benefits include: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Inspirational, Natural Beauty, Improved Self-Discipline, Positive Outlook, Multi-Sensory Experience, and No or Low Cost Fees. There is more to walking than traveling from Point A to Point B. …

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  • What Causes Bounding Pulse?

    Your heart supplies the viscera and tissues with oxygen and nutritional support. When the blood goes into the vessels, they dilate, and then narrow again. This recurrent jerky vibration is called pulse. It can be palpated on large arteries of the carotid, radial, femoral and some others. Definition When the heart contractions become very powerful, you can experience an extremely …

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  • What’s Causing My Collarbone Pain?

    Clavicles are two tubular bones located above the first rib and connecting the upper limbs with the ribs and rest of the body. Bones provide the necessary range of movement and transmission of neuromuscular control from the hands to the axial skeleton. Collarbone covers the cavity between the arm and the neck, where vital anatomical structures pass. If you experience …

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